A song of ice and fire ao3 fanfiction


Archive of Our Own, also known as AO3, is a non-profit website that hosts over 5.3 million fanworks in various categories. Within this myriad of creations, one particular hidden gem shines brightly - It’s the fanfiction inspired by the legendary novel series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' by George R.R. Martin.

1. Literary Quality

The AO3 fanfiction for 'A Song of Ice and Fire' greatly varies in quality, but the best of these stories showcase impressive literary prowess. You will find tales filled with rich, engaging narratives and characters who are just as multidimensional as the ones in Martin's original saga. These fanfictions are not simple reiterations of the story in Martin's world, but unique, creative endeavours that incorporate plot devices, character strengths, and world-building elements which redefine what a fanfiction could be.

A song of ice and fire ao3 fanfiction

While some fanfictions may fall short of matching the literary quality of Martin's novels, they deserve credit for their authors' tenacity in creating new stories within their favorite fictional universe. Regardless of the varying standards, every fanfiction is a testament to the love fans harbour for the series, irrevocably adding to the depth of this vibrant fandom.

2. Character Exploration

One of the best aspects of the AO3 fanfictions is the focus on character exploration. Many fans delve into the psyche of protagonists and antagonists alike to uncover facets of their personalities not explicitly mentioned in the original series. You'll find deep, thoughtful analyses of characters like Jaime Lannister, portraying his constant battle between honour and loyalty, or Sansa Stark, exploring her transition from a naive girl to a mature leader proficient in political intrigue.

Obscure characters often overlooked in the series, such as Asha Greyjoy or Ser Barristan Selmy, get their chance under the spotlight. Their personalities, motivations, and backstories are fleshed out, giving them layers they may not have had in the novels, making these fanfictions an exciting dive into all the characters you love and cherish.

3. Alternate Universe and What-if Scenarios

'What if' scenarios and alternative universe (AU) stories are common in AO3's 'A Song of Ice and Fire�fanfiction collection. These can range from minor deviations, such as 'What if Ned told Jon about his mother?' to significant reimaginations of the entire series like 'What if Rhaegar won at the Trident?'

Reading these scenarios, you’re bound to marvel at the breadth and intuition of the authors. The narrative threads spun off from these 'what ifs' are both intelligent and entertaining, leading to unique, unforeseen character arcs and plot developments.

Common Queries about AO3 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Fanfiction

Q1: How do I navigate the AO3 site to find these fanfictions?
You can easily search through the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' tag on AO3, sort by faves, kudos, comments or hits, and apply filters for specific characters, relationships, genre, rating, etc.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites to reading these fanfictions?
In most cases, a basic understanding of the original 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series is sufficient. However, some fanfictions may require a deeper knowledge of the novels or reference events from the companion books.

Q3: Are the fanfictions on AO3 suitable for all ages?
The fanfictions on AO3 span a variety of ratings, from General Audiences to Explicit. You can select appropriate content using the site's rating and warning filters.


If you’re a fan of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and are looking to dive deeper into the universe and its characters, the fanfictions available on AO3 provide a diverse palette of stories to choose from. Regardless of the spectrum in writing quality, these fanfictions demonstrate fans' creativity and their profound respect and fascination for George R.R. Martin's world in ways that are imaginative and intriguing. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a journey founded by fans, for fans, and steeped in the rich lore of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'!

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