A song of ice and fire au fanfiction


Fanfiction is a remarkable way of exploring established settings and characters from a fan's perspective. The universe of "A Song of Ice and Fire" invites boundless possibilities for such endeavors. Let's dig into an Alternate Universe (AU) fanfiction of this popular series, analyzing its different dimensions.

1. Setting

The AU stays true to the grim settings of Westeros and Essos of the original, infusing them with additional nuances. The Wall is no longer just a monument against the Other but an emblem of political struggle. King's Landing, on the other hand, becomes less a capital city and more a nest of vipers, a fact the original alludes to but never delves into at length. The continuation of a fascinating world sets up an excellent foundation for this fanfiction.

A song of ice and fire au fanfiction

2. Main Characters

Maintaining the broad cast from the original, the fanfiction dovetails them in unexpected but logical ways. It builds significantly on Jon Snow's Targaryen lineage, causing a power rift between the Starks. Daenerys Targaryen's journey takes a darker turn as she battles her inherent madness. Expanding these characters beyond the archetypes from the original series provides extra depth.

3. New Character Introductions

The fanfic introduces several new characters, enriching the already thick cast. Most of them are born directly from George R.R. Martin's expansive world, providing fresh angles for exploration. However, their integration appears at times forced, marring the fluidity of the plot.

4. Continuity and Canon Compliance

While maintaining faithfulness to the original series' chronology, the fanfic throws in original twists. The Night King, for instance, is portrayed differently, yet brilliantly. Despite these changes, the story remains canon compliance, making it a thrilling ride for the fans.

5. Plot Twists and Turns

The fanfic excels in its surprising portrays of familiar events. Ned Stark's arrest plays out differently, putting a unique spin on the tale. The recreation of the infamous Red Wedding with reversed roles chalks out as a noteworthy plot twist.

6. Engagement and Reader Interaction

The fanfiction keeps the audience hooked via regular updates and interactive chapters. Some chapters prompting the readers to choose character decisions have been significantly intriguing. Such innovations engulf the readers in the alternate universe.

7. Grammar and Style

The creator maintains a high literary standard, adopting Martin's elaborate narrative style. However, the dialogues, though intriguing, sometimes appear tedious. Overall, the language and syntax provide an immersive reading experience.

8. Platforms for Access

The fanfic is available on major platforms like, AO3, and Wattpad. Each platform offers unique features for readers, like bookmarking, commenting, and sharing. Interactive features like the comment sections allow lively discussions about the chapters and plot predictions.

Analyzing the Questions from Fandom

1. Is this fanfic worth reading?

Yes, the fanfic provides an alternate perspective to the original series. If you're a ardent fan of "A Song of Ice and Fire," you would enjoy the creative risks the author takes.

2. Does it stay true to the essence of the original series?

Yes, it does. Despite deviating from certain plotlines, it never shies away from the darker, complex aspects of human experience that the original series portrays.

3. How can one provide feedback to the author?

The platforms on which this fanfic is hosted encourage reader interaction. You can direct your feedback, suggestions, or praise in the comment section.


Regrettably, due to the nature of fan-created works, authentic references are challenging to procure. Understanding fanfiction requires first-hand engagement with the work and the cultural dynamics surrounding it.


The imaginative combination of fan creativity, adherence to established lore, and the freedom of an alternate universe marks this fanfic as a fascinating read for any "A Song of Ice and Fire" fan.

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