A song of ice and fire fanfiction fate stay night


What happens when legendary figures and the gritty reality of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" meet the Heroic Spirits of "Fate Stay Night?" Welcome to a fanfiction realm where destinies intertwine, alliances are reforged, and magic collides. This story will explore the melding of these two cultural phenomena from various aspects, pulling inspirational threads from both sagas to weave a tale unlike any other. A Tale of Thrones and Blades is the intriguing crossover fanfiction that charts the collision of these two universes.

The Meeting Point: Westeros and Fuyuki City

Where could be the perfect meeting point for our “A Song of Ice and Fire�and “Fate Stay Night�characters? Let's plunge into the heart of Westeros, where the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' is set. Is it when a comet splits the sky of Fuyuki City, forming a bridge to the world of Westeros, is where we start our story. From here, Heroic Spirits find themselves summoned not by Masters in a Holy Grail War, but by kings, queens, and knights of Westeros. Each side faces struggles in understanding the other, creating an enthralling dynamic of clashing cultures and timelines.

A song of ice and fire fanfiction fate stay night

The Characters: Familiars in a New Light

Characters from both lore come together in this tale. How would John Snow handle a conversation with King Arthur (Arturia Pendragon) of legend? What if Daenerys controlled the formidable Rider-class Servant Alexander the Great, instead of dragons? Would Tyrion Lannister get along with the philosophizing Archer (Emiya Shirou)? Characters interact in ways that bring out previously unexplored sides of their character, creating new depths to beloved figures.

Survival: The Game of Thrones and the Holy Grail War

Both “A Song of Ice and Fire�and “Fate Stay Night�are worlds where survival dictates all actions. In this fanfiction, characters are thrust into a novel game where the throne of Westeros and the omnipotent Holy Grail are the ultimate prizes. Epic battles involving both Servants and armies fraught with dire political consequences ensue. The aftermath provides a fresh definition to survival, with alliances tested and enemies lurking in every corner.

The Magic: A Song of Ice and Fire and the Laws of Alchemy

What occurs when the sorcery of Westeros collides with the thaumaturgy of “Fate Stay Night?�This fanfiction explores this intermingling of magical systems, resulting in unpredictable outcomes and thrilling magical duels. Whether it’s Lannister gold transmutated into weapons or a Valyrian steel sword enhanced with Reinforcement, the combination of the two magic systems births exciting possibilities.

Romance: Love Across Universes

In a story full of conflict and battle, the power of love and desire still has its place. Unlikely relationships form, sparking interest and engaging emotion from readers. Could Robb Stark find a confidante in Rin Tohsaka? Will Saber find an unlikely ally in Jaime Lannister? However, in a world fueled by power and survival, these relationships also act as ticking time bombs that add tension to the narrative.

The Ultimate Battle: Man vs Fate

Perhaps most importantly, this fanfiction illustrates the ongoing struggle between man and fate, threading a poignant running theme throughout the narrative. The characters confront the fate dealt to them, unwilling to succumb to it. From Jon Snow's struggle of being a bastard to Emiya Shirou's internal conflict of ideals, the story showcases, in many forms, the human will to resist, challenge and shape their own destinies, despite the circumstances.


Q: How are the Servants summoned in Westeros without the Holy Grail War framework? A: The story uses a twist where the unpredictable magic of Westeros allows the summoning of Servants. The actual details remain a surprise.

Q: Will the crossover retain the adult themes and violence from both series? A: Yes. The 'A Tale of Thrones and Blades' embraces the gritty reality of Westeros and the existential dilemmas from 'Fate Stay Night'.

Q: Will there be new original characters in the story? A: While the story primarily focuses on characters from both series, it does weave in new, original characters essential to the crossover plot.


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