A song of ice and fire fanfiction recs


A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R Martin, has been a monumental work of fantasy literature since the first book was released in 1996, inspiring a hit television series and a multitude of fanfictions. Due to its expansive world and complex characters, fans of the series find themselves immersed in creating their own narratives within Westeros. Here are a few A Song of Ice and Fire fanfiction recommendations that go above and beyond in their take on Martin's world, each evaluated on various aspects such as narrative structure, character development, originality, continuation of the saga, and more.

Fanfiction #1: The North Remembers by qqueenofhades

The North Remembers, written by qqueenofhades, is a notable fanfiction that follows the aftermath of The Dance of Dragons. The narrative structure stays true to Martin's style, presenting each chapter from the perspective of different characters. It also brilliantly presents a 'what-if' scenario where Stannis Baratheon wins at Winterfell.

A song of ice and fire fanfiction recs

The character development is brilliant too, with each character dwelling deeper into their psyche than the original series. This fanfiction stands out owing to its authentic interpretation of Martin's characters, intricate plot, and a well-researched understanding of the series.

Fanfiction #2: A Farmer's Tale by Tricksie

A Farmer's Tale, crafted by Tricksie, is another fanfiction that warrants recognition. The story revolves around an ordinary commoner, offering a fresh perspective to the upheaval in Westeros, unlike the noble-centric original series. It's a refreshing take which gives you the boots on the ground views of the world of Westeros.

The narrative beautifully captures the life of ordinary people amidst the battles and politics, often overlooked in the main series. The characters are original yet fit in remarkably well with Martin's world. The gritty reality of war and chaos through the eyes of a commoner makes this fanfiction impressively relatable and engaging.

Fanfiction #3: The Blacks and The Reds by MaryRoyale

The Blacks and The Reds by MaryRoyale offers readers an alternate universe where the Targaryen family remains in power, providing a fascinating twist to the series. This fanfiction accurately captures the essence of Westeros, filled with political intricacies, dramatic twists, and captivating character arcs.

The author uses a lot of creativity while keeping the essence of A Song of Ice and Fire intact - a difficult balance to achieve. The characterization is true to Martin's creations but approached from a unique angle. The Blacks and The Reds is a remarkable mix of new narratives in a familiar setting, making it a must-read.


Q: Where can I find these fanfictions?
A: You can find these fanfictions on the and Archive of Our Own (AO3) websites.

Q: Is fanfiction legal?
A: Yes, fanfiction is a type of derivative work that is, generally, legal. Always check and respect the original creator's stance on fan creations.

Q: Can I write my own A Song Of Ice And Fire fanfiction?
A: Absolutely! Fanfiction is a great way to explore your creativity and expand upon a world and characters you love.


Fanfiction presents an opportunity for readers to further delve into the fascinating world of A Song of Ice and Fire. Be it a different take on the series' characters, an original perspective, or an alternate turn of events, these fanfictions provide something new and engaging for every fan of Martin's masterpiece. Even as we eagerly wait for Winds of Winter, these fanfictions offer an interesting and entertaining diversion.


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