A star is s born fanfiction


It's worth noting that this piece of fanfiction is based on the 2018 film "A Star is Born" directed by Bradley Cooper, starring Cooper himself and Lady Gaga. This takes us on an alternative journey of the characters Jack and Ally, presenting possible alternate scenarios and interpretations of their story. This exploration aims to delve deeper into their histories, motivations, relationships, and futures.

The Backstory

Our story takes us back to Jack's early life, where we delve deeper into his relationship with his brother Bobby and their struggling childhood. In this version, their father is more present and contributes towards shaping Jack's alcoholism. Similarly, we take a look at Ally's family dynamic and how her father's dreams of music stardom influenced her own aspirations.

A star is s born fanfiction

The introduction of their backstories serves to deepen their motivations and fears, thus making the characters more multifaceted and real. The use of flashbacks would provide an interesting narrative tool to convey these past experiences.

The Relationships

In this version, the relationship between Jack and Ally develops at a more gradual pace, focusing on mutual artistic admiration rather than instant love. Their romance blossoms over shared songwriting sessions, secret gigs, and profound conversations, building a more realistic and organic connection.

Meanwhile, their relationships with other characters are also expanded upon. Jack's estrangement from Bobby is more extensively detailed, as is Ally's tight-knit connection with her father and friends. Individual interactions with minor characters like Ally's best friend, Ramon, are vital in rounding out the narrative.

The Music

This iteration of the story would incorporate more explicit songwriting and performing scenes. The audience is given a thorough insight into Ally's creative process and songwriting journey, displaying her talent, ambition, and passion.

Furthermore, the music acts as a soundtrack to their evolving relationship and personal challenges, providing a powerful narrative tool. The songs would reflect their respective emotional states and personal growth, tying in neatly with the storyline.

The Trial of Fame

Ally's rise to fame and its corresponding struggles would be a significant plot point in this narrative. It would show her battling against industry manipulation and staying true to her musical roots, enabling viewers to connect with her on a more personal level.

This expanded look into the music industry would provide crucial context to Ally's journey, allowing for a more informed critique of the often-glamorized industry. Meanwhile, Jack's declining career would be more closely linked to his increasing alcohol dependence, further amplifying the tragic elements of the story.

The Recovery

Jack's battle with alcoholism is a focal point in this version as well. However, the spotlight would be on Jack's attempts at recovery. His stint in rehab is expanded upon and well-detailed, mapping his journey from admission to relapse to recovery.

This section would not only highlight the struggles of addiction but also the hope and strength that comes with recovery. It would be a heart-wrenching, yet uplifting part of the narrative, adding an extra layer of emotion to Jack's character arc.

Alternate Endings

In this alternative narrative, various endings present themselves. Each ending envisages a different future for Jack and Ally. Some are happy, some are bittersweet, and some are tragic, encapsulating the narrative's multiple possibilities depending on the characters' choices.

These scenarios challenge the perception of the original ending and invite readers to ponder on the potential outcomes, invoking a deeper emotional response and encouraging discussion among fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rewrite 'A Star is Born'?
The purpose of rewriting is not to replace the original, but to explore alternate narratives, provide different perspectives, and deepen character development. Fanfiction enables fans to interact more with the story and characters.

Will this fanfiction be canon?
This fanfiction is not canon, as it includes alternate scenarios and developments not included in the original version. It is purely a work of fiction based on characters and basic plots from the film.

How faithful is the fanfiction to the original plot?
While the fanfiction follows a similar trajectory to the original plot, it veers off into different directions, exploring untouched territories and introducing new elements into the existing narrative.


This interpretation of 'A Star Is Born' seeks to delve deeper into the lives of Jack and Ally, providing a more layered and holistic view of their relationship and individual struggles. The expanded narrative serves to enhance the emotional weight and depth of the original film, thereby appealing to both existing fans and potential new audiences alike.

Note: This work is purely fan-made and should not be mistaken for an official sequel or extension of the film. It's essentially a love letter to the characters and the film, intended to engage and provoke thought amongst the fan community. Happy reading!


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