A sticky situation fanfiction elisa maza


Elisa Maza is a central character in the popular 90s animated series, Gargoyles. As a New York police detective, she frequently interacts with the titular Gargoyles, one of the few humans aware of their existence. This fanfiction aims to delve into a sticky situation she found herself in, offering a fresh perspective on her character and dedication to justice.

Before we dive into the story, let's set the stage. The Gargoyles are a species of nocturnal creatures who turn to stone during the day, originating from medieval Scotland. Elisa Maza has formed a particularly close bond with Goliath, the Gargoyles' leader, a relationship that will feature prominently in this fanfiction.

A sticky situation fanfiction elisa maza

2. The Case

The sticky situation begins with a high-profile case assigned to Elisa. The Mayor's priceless antique clock has been stolen, and suspicion falls onto a mysterious new gargoyle who has recently joined the clan. Despite her friendship with the Gargoyles, Elisa is a dedicated detective and knows she must follow where the evidence leads.

The new gargoyle, whom we'll call Zephyr, has a history. He was originally a human cursed by a sorcerer to live as a gargoyle for his crimes. Zephyr has been trying to reform, but the theft puts his intentions into question.

3. The Investigation

Elisa begins her investigation, one that requires her to carefully balance her relationship with the Gargoyles and her duty as a detective. She interviews those in the Gargoyle clan regarding Zephyr's activities and behavior.

Her investigation leads her to a shady antiques dealer known for handling stolen goods. However, she cannot find any clear evidence connecting him to the stolen clock.

4. Elisa's Dilemma

Elisa's loyalty to her Gargoyle friends and her commitment to her job are at odds with each other. She faces a dilemma: proceed with the investigation and potentially incriminate Zephyr, leading to his expulsion from the clan and his loss of second chance, or risk her career to protect the Gargoyles.

She ultimately decides to carry on with the investigation, believing in the importance of truth and justice, despite the potential personal cost.

5. The Resolution

Following a series of twists and turns, Elisa eventually discovers that Zephyr was framed by the antiques dealer, who wished to unsettle the Gargoyles and protect his own illicit activities. With this revelation, Zephyr is cleared of suspicion and can remain with the clan, grateful for Elisa's unyielding pursuit of justice.

This sticky situation strengthened the trust between Elisa and the Gargoyles, reinforcing the principle that being truly dedicated to justice sometimes means challenging those closest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Elisa Maza?

A: Elisa Maza is a character from the animated series Gargoyles. She is a detective for the New York police department, and a close friend to the Gargoyles.

Q: What is Gargoyles?

A: Gargoyles is an American animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television and distributed by Buena Vista Television. The series features a species of nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day.

Q: What was the sticky situation?

A: The sticky situation involved a high-profile robbery case Elisa was investigating wherein a member of the Gargoyle clan was a prime suspect.

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