A team fanfiction murdock drugged


This story takes place within the universe of The A-Team and primarily focuses on Howling Mad Murdock. Murdock, portrayed by Dwight Schultz, is characterized by his eccentric behavior and flying skills. Besides Murdock, other A-Team members are also crucial to the plot including Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck, and Sergeant Bosco "B.A." Baracus.

The antagonist of this fanfiction is a mysterious new character named Dr. Keldon, a rogue military doctor with unethical practices. Each A-Team member's personality traits and skills will be emphasized throughout the story, adding depth and dynamics to the narrative.

A team fanfiction murdock drugged

Narrative Setup

In this fanfiction, Murdock falls mysteriously ill after an suspicious interaction with Dr. Keldon. Members of the team adhere to their protective instincts and face off against this new adversary with dexterity, cunning, and unmatched teamwork. They rally around Murdock, providing both physical and emotional support as he battles the drug-induced hallucinations.

The storyline digs deeper into Murdock's fears and insecurities while allowing room for his comrades to demonstrate their enduring loyalty and camaraderie. A-Team's every step is triggered by their collective goal—to get Murdock back on his feet.

Plot Development

The progression unveils itself in spasmodic patterns, reflecting the chaotic thought processes of a drug-addled mind. A-Team puts their minds together to understand the type of drug Dr.Keldon used to sedate Murdock and how to potentially reverse its effects. This includes chase scenes, intense interrogations, and innovative problem-solving tactics.

The secondary storyline explores the gentle bonding between the A-team as they rotate shifts to stay with Murdock, ensuring that he is never alone. These scenes portray raw emotions and subtle threads of personal baggage woven within their actions, adding poignancy to the circumstances.

App Development

The fanfiction introduces an in-universe app named "DrugBox". It aims to assist the A-Team in their quest to understand and neutralize the drug's effects on Murdock. The app provides them with immediate access to information on various drugs, potential antidotes, and feedback from users who have encountered similar compounds.

The "DrugBox" isn't merely a tool; it's a narrative device that reflects contemporary perspectives on how technology aids problem-solving in life-and-death situations. Its accurate yet user-friendly interface portrays the maturation of digital solutions, subtly woven into the tradition of The A-Team's problem-solving pursuits.

R An element of Humour

B.A, notorious for his fear of flying, finds himself in a humorous twist as he has to pilot a helicopter to save Murdock - a situation that adds a light-hearted break in the frenzied rescue mission. Faceman's charm being shrugged off by a hard-headed nurse during their hospital infiltration is yet another element adding levity in these intense moments.

The A-Team's humorous interactions highlight their tight-knit bonds and their ability to find humor amidst high-stress situations. They balance emotional depth with a sense of playfulness that aligns with the original tone of the series.


The climax culminates with Hannibal's ingenious plan to outsmart Dr. Keldon, effectively obtaining the antidote and applying it to Murdock. This victory isn't just depicted as a plot resolution but also an embodiment of their unfaltering friendship.

The narrative allows for closure, with the recovery of Murdock and his reintegration back into his daily routines. The final lines resonate with the quintessential A-Team spirit - exultation in victory, relief in the end of a challenging journey, and the promise of more adventures to come.

Common Questions and Answers

Question: How true is this fanfiction to the original A-Team series in terms of characterization?
Answer: The story strives to maintain the essence of The A-Team characters retaining their recognizable traits albeit in a new, unfamiliar situation.

Question: Does the story maintain the action-filled tone of the original series?
Answer: Yes, the story is interspersed with action scenes typical of The A-Team narrative, ensuring fans feel at home in this new plotline.

Question: How integral is the app, DrugBox, to the plot?
Answer: DrugBox acts as a crucial narrative aid in progressing the plot and facilitating the resolution of the main conflict.


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