A throne of glass fanfiction


Pulled by the threads of destiny and entwined with the fate of her kingdom, Celaena Sardothien, heroine of the 'Throne of Glass' series, embarks on a new journey in this fan fiction - 'The Queen's Magic'. This fan fiction encompasses aspects of exploring new realms, the unveiling of secrets, and the growth of the central characters.

Exploration of Magic: Adept and New Powers

The epic saga's new journey begins with her endeavor to control her magic but soon finds herself swept into learning more wary forms. This grants a whole new perspective to the story. Here, magic isn't just a tool but stands as the story's core. It makes the central characters confront their weaknesses and doubt their strengths, in turn, aiding their development.

A throne of glass fanfiction

As Celaena ventures into the depth of magic, the plot uncovers interesting elements and prophecies. Alongside, it gives a unique insight into the struggle with powers, weaving magic intricately into the storyline and its characters, much beyond the original series.

Unveiling Layers: Depths of Character Relationships

Powerful character relationships mark the 'Throne of Glass' series. This fanfiction takes a leap beyond, delving deeper into the complexities of their connections. The fan fiction offers an assortment of emotional moments, from pain and tragic losses to joy and beautiful surprises. It reveals their true personalities for readers to appreciate more deeply.

The interactions within the series underline the transformed relationships like that between Celaena and Chaol, Celaena and Dorian, and so forth. These relationships undoubtedly affect the storyline's flow, developing the plot from a new angle and adding a subplot of emotional depth.

Character Evolution: Central Characters' Growth

'The Queen's Magic' observes major growth in Celaena's character. From transitioning into a stronger queen to understanding her powers in depth, her character faces numerous trials. This transition breathes life into the novel, hooking readers onto every page, waiting to see Celaena's character grow stronger.

Not just Celaena, characters like Dorian and Chaol too, come face to face with their dark shadows. Holding a mirror to their characters leads to the unfolding of their hidden facets. This part deals not just with their evolution as individuals but also their relations with each other.

New Realms: Adventurous Journeys

Our heroine in this saga is not just about dynamic duels and court intrigues. The fanfiction introduces the heroine and readers to new realms. These new territories pack various adventures, fuelled by curious encounters and daunting villains. Each new realm holds unique rules, traditions, and characters, spinning engaging sub-plots that tie back into the main storyline.

The journeys into these realms aren't mere physical ones; as our characters navigate through them, they simultaneously journey into their minds, discovering their true selves. The fanfiction blends these parallel journeys seamlessly, swinging between realms, politics, magic, and adventures, making it a compelling read.

Common FAQ

Q: Where can I read this fanfiction?
A: 'The Queen's Magic' can be found on fanfiction websites like FanFiction.Net or Archive of Our Own.
Q: How close does 'The Queen's Magic' stay to the original series?
A: While the central characters and the basis of the plot are retained, this fanfiction explores newer themes and unveils hidden layers of the characters.
Q: Is this fanfiction completed or is it still in progress?
A: 'The Queen's Magic' is a completed work, totalling in at around 1500 words.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.
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