A trident is forged fanfiction


In the cosmic pantheon of fanfiction, 'A Trident is Forged' stands as a worthy testament to the power of imagination. Expanding upon the exploits of Poseidon's son and the master of the oceanic kingdom, this riveting tale explores the trials of power and the true cost of destiny.

Plot Development

The narrative arc of 'A Trident is Forged' is incredibly compelling, portraying the struggle of Poseidon's son to comprehend and accept his powerful future. It is a coming-of-age story with the intensity of an epic myth, amplified by the supernatural elements that interweave the tale. The author ensures that each chapter is filled with suspense, pulling readers deeper into the story.

A trident is forged fanfiction

Fantasy Elements

This fanfiction creates a universe that is rich with fantastical elements, from sprawling underwater cities to ferocious sea creatures. The visual imagery painted by the words is vivid and impressive, immersing readers in a world where magic and reality coexist.


One of the greatest strengths of 'A Trident is Forged' lies in its characters. They are vibrant, deeply developed, and intensely human. Poseidon's son struggles with the weight of expectation and navigates through nuanced interpersonal relationships, making him a relatable protagonist despite his godly status.

Secondary characters are not neglected either. They add depth to the narrative and contribute to the progression of the protagonist's journey. Each character has a distinct personality, and their interactions add an extra layer of richness to the plot.

Writing Style

The author's writing style can be described as elegant, maintaining a balance between the narrative driven plot, and evocative, descriptive prose. The balance between dramatic tension, humor, and pathos is expertly managed, ensuring readers become invested in the narrative.

Community Engagement

'A Trident is Forged' also offers some excellent examples of fan engagement. The author has created a community forum on Reddit where readers can engage in discourse about the saga, theorize future plot twists, and engage with the author. This level of interaction between the author and readers creates an inclusive space to share thoughts and ideas, elevating the reading experience.

Accessibility & Availability

The fanfiction is easily accessible for readers across the globe with InfinityFanFiction, an app available on both Android and iOS. The app provides a seamless reading experience and a chance for fans to discuss the series. It receives rave reviews, helping the story reach a wider audience.


Q: Is 'A Trident is Forged' unfinished?

A: As of now, the author is still updating the story with new chapters, keeping fans hooked with exciting plot developments.

Q: Where can I find this fanfiction?

A: 'A Trident is Forged' is available on InfinityFanFiction.

Q: Can I join the Reddit forum even if I'm new?

A: Absolutely. The community encourages discussion and debate, eagerly welcoming new fans.


'A Trident is Forged' embodies the potential and charm of fanfiction. It is a testament to how one can expand upon an existing narrative, creating an engaging masterpiece that resonates deeply with its audience. If you're a fan of mythology reimagined in modern settings with a twist of fantasy, this might just be the fanfiction for you.


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