A twi'lek becomes naruto's servant fanfiction


In a unique twist of a narrative, our well-known 'Naruto' from the Hidden Leaf Village is unexpectedly blessed with a servant from a distant galaxy - a Twi'lek. As a crossover fanfiction, this story explores the developing dynamic between Naruto Uzumaki and a Twi'lek �creatures known for their agile physique originating from the Star Wars universe �and their adventures in the ninja world.

The Arrival of a Twi'lek

During a rigorous week-long training, Naruto stumbles upon a mysterious object, a device resembling a kunai, which accidentally triggers a portal to another galaxy. Suddenly, a Twi’lek successfully crosses over into Naruto's universe. Being a high-spirited protagonist, Naruto displays his trademark goodwill, offering shelter to his new guest, unknowing of the seismic impact this creature will bring to his life.

A twi'lek becomes naruto's servant fanfiction

In the following weeks, Naruto sets out to help his Twi'lek guest navigate through this foreign world, full of ninjas, Chunin exams, and complex affiliations.

The Twi'lek as Naruto's Servant

In gratitude for Naruto's kindness, the Twi'lek insists on serving him. Although hesitant at first, understanding the Twi'lek's cultural context of service being a mark of respect and gratitude, Naruto accepts the proposal. Thus, began a new chapter of their journey.

Despite their vast cultural disparities, the pair begin to communicate, understand, and appreciate each other. This unusual bond becomes an enlightening exploration of Naruto's evolving maturity and leadership, and the Twi'lek's admirable grit and loyalty.

Naruto's Training and Twi'lek's Support

The Twi'lek witnessed Naruto's relentless determination for self-improvement and the fascinating 'Ninja Way.' It decided to support him during his training sessions, lending its unique extra-terrestrial powers and intellect, noticeably enhancing Naruto’s physical strengths and tactics.

Not only the Twi'lek’s unique abilities but also its moral support strengthens Naruto in his noble quest to gain village acceptance and become the Hokage.

A Mutual Influence

As the story unfolds, we notice the Twi'lek's life radically change, from a mere Alien in an unknown world to an active contributor to Naruto's adventures. Simultaneously, Naruto emerges as a more refined individual, showcasing a deeper understanding of life's profundities. The Twi'lek's unique perspective gives Naruto an innovative problem-solving approach, strengthening his already formidable ninja skills and strategic prowess.

Moreover, Naruto influences the Twi'lek by instilling in it the true essence of friendship, valor, and perseverance, all cornerstone of the 'Ninja Way.' The Twi'lek becomes an ardent disciple, embodying the principles of this new way of life. The Twi'lek's poignant loyalty and service to Naruto was a testament to these evolving values.

Common Questions

Why does the Twi'lek choose to serve Naruto? The Twi'lek respects and admires Naruto's kindness and tenacity, reciprocating his goodwill through service.

How does Naruto help the Twi'lek fit into the Ninja world? Apart from offering shelter, Naruto helps the Twi'lek understand the customs, traditions, and ethos of the Ninja world.

How does the Twi'lek's arrival impact Naruto's world? Although initially causing ripples in the Leaf Village due to its alien nature, eventually the Twi'lek's presence enhances Naruto's training and fortifies his tactical prowess.


This story unravels an intimate friendship between Naruto and an unusual extra-terrestrial creature and their journey of mutual growth and understanding. Entangled in their respective adversities, they rise above, traversing their unique paths while reinforcing each other. The duo's unflinching loyalty and valor was an ode to the true essence of Naruto's 'Will of Fire.' The story beautifully juxtaposes two universes while blossoming the essence of friendship, courage, and determination, the very beacon of Naruto's indomitable spirit.


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