A week in hawaii ryden fanfiction


It was the trip that Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie, members of the ever-so-popular band Panic! at the Disco, had been planning for months. One whole week in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii. Though they barely had time for themselves due to their hectic schedules, they finally managed to steal a week off. Something about leaving behind the chaotic city life and escaping into the arms of nature was incredibly appealing to the two rockstars. Brendon was always a beach lover, and Ryan found serenity in the silence and beauty of nature. Plus, who can resist the promise of an assortment of Hawaiian shirts!

The moment they had finalized their destination, they immediately booked their flights using the popular travel planning app, Kayak. The app was user-friendly and offered them excellent deals on their round-trip tickets. Within minutes their tickets were secured, their trip to paradise confirmed. Hawaii, here they come!

A week in hawaii ryden fanfiction

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

The thrill of embarking on their vacation was palpable as they landed at the Honolulu International Airport. Their immediate agenda was to check into the iconic 'Royal Hawaiian', where they'd be spending their week. With its lush gardens and breathtaking beachfront views, the hotel was the perfect mix of tranquillity and opulence. They spent the rest of their first day exploring the hotel and marveling at the beautiful beach that was just a stone's throw away.

In the evening, they head out to explore the local cuisine. Ryan insists they use the Yelp application to find the best rated restaurants around their area. Yelp, the American public company that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses, has become their reliable companion in hunting out the best spots. Following the reviews, they land up in 'Ono Seafood', a local favorite. The refreshing poke bowls serve as their welcome feast in the island.

Day 2-3: Honolulu City Tour

The next two days offer endless adventures as they tour the city of Honolulu. They visit the historic Pearl Harbor National Memorial, hike up the volcanic tuff cone of Diamond Head and indulge in retail therapy at Ala Moana Centre. They experiment with the local cuisines and are never disappointed. Ryan develops a special liking for 'Laulau', a native Hawaiian dish, while Brendon can't get enough of the traditional 'Kalua Pig'.

Through their city tour, they also delve deeper into the rich Hawaiian culture and history. They are enchanted by the 'Aloha Spirit' and the warmth of the locals. Each day ends with a peaceful stroll down Waikiki beach gazing at the fiery orange Hawaiian sunset. They feel at home amidst the foreign land.

Day 4: Surfing Lessons

As shown in the popular film "Lilo & Stitch," surfing is a significant part of Hawaiian culture, and Brendon is quick to sign up for lessons. The Fourth Day finds the duo taking beginners surfing lessons. Ryan may not be as enthusiastic about it as Brendon, but he's game for any adventure. They may not be pros at it, but they sure have a blast trying to balance on their surfboards.

In between their surfing attempts, they take breaks on the shore, sipping on coconut water and sharing laughter. The day ends with a fabulous beach party complete with bonfires and traditional Hawaiian music. It's a day full of memories they can look back on fondly.

Day 5: Spa day and Leisure

After the adrenaline rush of the previous day, their fifth day is dedicated to relaxation. They spend their day at the spa, immersing themselves in the tranquility and luxurious treatments. Ryan particularly enjoys the traditional Lomi Lomi massage while Brendon is all praises for the Hawaiian detoxifying Volcanic Clay body wrap.

In the evening, they explore the local nightlife. They download the app Bandsintown which helps them discover local music events. To their delight, they find a live Jazz performance happening at the Blue Note Hawaii. Hawaii after dark has a mesmerizing charm of its own.

Day 6: Hawaiian marine life

The penultimate day of their trip, they decide to explore the Hawaiian marine life. Eager to encounter the rich aquatic flora and fauna, they equip themselves with snorkeling gear and dive into the clear blue waters of Hanauma Bay. Ryan, who had always had a fascination with aquatic life, was mesmerized by the beautiful coral reefs and rainbow-colored fish.

Spending the day swimming with the vibrant marine life was a surreal experience that left them awestruck. The day ended with them witnessing the majestic humpback whales on a boat cruise, an experience they would never forget.

Day 7: Departure

The last day arrives too soon. They spend their last few hours on the beach, soaking in the warmth and beauty of the Hawaiian sun. The spirit of Aloha had been imprinted on their hearts. As they finally board their return flight, they carry back with them a suitcase full of Hawaiian shirts, sun-kissed skin, and hearts filled with unforgettable memories.

Amidst all the thrill and fun, there were also moments of reassurances of their bond. The silent company during the tranquil nights, shared laughter during surfing stumbling, and the mutual admiration for Hawaii's beauty, everything had brought them even closer. Hawaii didn't just offer them a break from their busy lives but also a deeper understanding and strengthened bond between each other.


1. Why did they choose to visit Hawaii? - Ryan and Brendon chose to visit Hawaii to take a break from their busy schedules and enjoy the beauty of nature.

2. What apps did they use during their trip? - They used Kayak for booking their flights, Yelp for finding the best-rated local restaurants and Bandsintown for discovering local music events.

3. Did they enjoy their trip? - Yes, they thoroughly enjoyed their trip, made some unforgettable memories and came back home with a strengthened bond.

There may be no tangible references available for a fanfiction piece as it is purely based on imaginative scenario and events.

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