A werewolf boy fanfiction


"A Werewolf Boy," directed by Jo Sung-hee, is a South Korean paranormal romance film. This fanfiction is based on that movie with an added twist in the tale. The story revolves around a young orphan boy with a mysterious, wolf-like nature, befriended by a girl named Suni. The narrative is smoothly divided into sections: revisiting Suni's encounter with the werewolf boy, the boy's struggle with human etiquette and relationships, an inevitable love that blossoms over time, an adversary rising in the background, and an unforeseen conclusion.

Suni's Encounter

Returning to her countryside home, Suni finds a feral, young boy in her shed. She treats his injuries and tries to hide him from her mother, only to learn that her mother had been taking care of him. Strangely drawn to the boy's wild ways and genuine innocence, she decides to tame him, naming him Chul-Soo.

A werewolf boy fanfiction

The narrative explores their early relationship as Suni teaches Chul-Soo to act more human - walking on two feet, wearing clothes, learning human speech, and basic etiquette, conjuring a fascinating blend of comedy, warmth and reflection on our humanelike behaviors.

Chul-Soo's Struggles

Chul-Soo's initial struggles with his transformation provide a sweet, humorous undercurrent to the narrative. His reactions to his new surrounding are endearing—he’s obsessed with a marble Suni gives him, he’s terrified of the vacuum cleaner, and he doesn't understand how mirrors work.

Also explored within this section is his unique physical prowess that often leaves Suni's family speechless. Insinuating that Chul-Soo is not entirely human, this quirky element further thickens the plot as we delve into the profound strangeness of his nature.

The Blossoming Love

As Chul-Soo adjusts to his new life, platonic affection turns romantic for Suni. She realizes that this creature, alien to the society, is capable of profound, uncomplicated love. Chul-Soo's affection for Suni is likewise deep and unwavering, beautifully depicted in his art sketch of the girl.

However, their love story is subtly contrasted by the social misfit phenomenon, challenging traditional romantic notions. Their relationship is fragile and pockmarked by societal troubles, yet its purity is overwhelmingly heartwarming.

The Rising Adversary

In this fanfiction, the antagonist role is amplified. Ji-tae, a local landlord's son who has a sinister eye on Suni and her family, discovers Chul-Soo's secret capabilities. In this tale, Ji-tae aspires to exploit Chul-Soo's abilities for his benefit, adding elements of suspense and danger to the narrative.

This new plotline unveils Ji-tae's inherent evilness, making him a more compelling antagonist. The introduction of a villain aiming to manipulate Chul-Soo’s supernatural abilities provides the much-needed dramatic tension to balance the otherwise heartwarming love story.

The Unforeseen Conclusion

In the movie, Chul-Soo waits half a century for Suni's return. In this fanfiction, Suni risks everything to protect Chul-Soo from Ji-tae and his malevolent plans. This leads to an unexpected yet bittersweet ending, demonstrating Herzog's metaphor "Though all Apostle resolutely run, yet one shall only wear the victor’s crown," emphasizing the virtue of sacrificing oneself for love.

With the unanticipated climax, consistent elements of suspense and emotions, the story ends, leaving the readers with a heart-wrenching message about love that transcends social norms and defies time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Chul-Soo die in the end? To preserve the suspense of this fanfiction, I can't reveal the ending. Rest assured it stays true to the essence of the original movie, emphasizing unending, unwavering love. 2. Does this fanfiction support fan theories about Chul-Soo's true nature? Yes, it explores the possibility of Chul-Soo being a werewolf, with the narrative designed to smithereens under this assumption rather than treating it as the ultimate mystery. 3. Is Ji-tae portrayed as a true villain? Yes, this fanfiction presents Ji-tae in more villainous shades, seeking to exploit Chul-Soo’s immense power for personal gains.


1. The movie ‘A Werewolf Boy�(2012), directed by Jo Sung-hee.

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