A werewolf claims hermione fanfiction


The fanfiction begins with a startling revelation, when a werewolf claims Hermione as his mate. From ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire�onwards, we have seen Hermione displaying moments of courage, intelligence, and pure heart. Considered to be an icon of class and grace, her characterization has always entailed elements of surprise. The fanfiction introduces Rolf, a werewolf who lives on the periphery of the magical world, marginalized due to his frightening form, yet possessing a gentle and caring soul.

Rolf comes into the picture quite unexpectedly, creating a turning point in the narrative. It initially frightens Hermione, yet her curiosity about him only grows. The claim from the werewolf unsettles Hermione; she’s confused, curious, and constantly on edge. The revelations shake her world, making her question everything she thought she knew about the wizarding world.

A werewolf claims hermione fanfiction

2. Understanding and Research

Being the ingenious person that she is, Hermione then delves into literature and ancient texts to understand more about werewolves, their history, and their bonding rituals. Her determination to not let fear obstruct her path to discovery is setting an exemplary lesson for the readers. She reads about werewolves in folklore and compares these iterations with what she has come across in the wizarding world.

Hermione’s relentless quest for knowledge puts her in various situations. She visits the library at Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic's archives, and even conducts interviews with other werewolves. These instances reveal her unparalleled patience and thorough groundwork, validating her intimidating reputation in the Hogwarts and beyond.

3. The Connection

During her explorations, the entanglement between Hermione and Rolf grows stronger. This isn’t the typical 'Beauty and the Beast' tale, though; Hermione refuses to view Rolf as a simple monster. Instead, she chooses to see him as a victim of circumstances, accepting his flaws and embracing his beastly nature as part of his identity.

Parallelly, Rolf finds himself drawn to Hermione's courage, intelligence, and kindness. He develops a sense of respect and affection towards her. He becomes protective of Hermione, leading to some interesting plot developments. This connection between them becomes inevitable and mutual. They both open up to each other about their fears and insecurities, which strengthens their bond.

4. Acceptance and Transformation

Eventually, Hermione accepts the fact that she's the mate of a werewolf. This part of the fanfiction sees her facing her fears and prejudices. She goes through a series of revelations and acceptance, a transformative personal journey that many readers may resonate with. Throughout the process, Hermione remains kind and compassionate, leading her towards maturity and evolution.

Rolf, too, learns about acceptance in this process. He accepts his nature and Hermione's love for him. He evolves from a fearful, introverted individual to a brave character who's ready to face the world, regardless of how it treats him. It's a beautiful subplot that underpins their storyline, showing how acceptance and transformation can bring about love and understanding.

Common Questions

Q: Is Rolf a character from the original series or is he created for this fanfiction?

A: For this fanfiction, the character of Rolf has been created by the author to fit the storyline.

Q: Does the story end with Rolf and Hermione together?

A: The fanfiction leaves it upon the readers to interpret the ending. There are signs of them staying together, but there's no explicit explanation.

Q: Which Hermione resumes in this story - the intelligent, brave one or the love-struck teenager?

A: This fanfiction highlights the brave and intelligent Hermione, focusing less on her love-struck attributes.


This fanfiction story is a brilliant exploration of character development, and offers a refreshing take on a classic world. Whether you're a die-hard Potterhead or a budding fanfic enthusiast, the unusual pairing and captivating plot will keep you intrigued throughout. It's an empowering and thought-provoking narrative that presents a take on love and acceptance beyond norms, featuring unconventional characters and their heartfelt journey.

So if you have an affinity for the world of witchcraft and wizardry, and enjoy complex emotions wrapped in beautiful story-telling, then 'A Werewolf Claims Hermione' is a must-read.

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