A wolf imprint on bella fanfiction


"Twilight" fans know imprinting as a strong bond between a werewolf and his beloved; an irreversible and strong feeling that ties them together. Bella Swan, the protagonist, has always been tied to Edward Cullen, a vampire. But what if our beloved Bella was imprinted upon by a werewolf? A different and exciting twist to the Twilight series, this fanfiction story, named "A wolf imprint on Bella," explores the possibility and consequences of such a turn of events.

Part 1: The Unexpected Imprinting

The story commences with the unexpected happening - Bella being imprinted upon by a wolf, not just any wolf, but someone from the Quileute tribe itself. This sudden imprinting brings a heated argumentation and confusion among the tribe members.

A wolf imprint on bella fanfiction

The werewolf who imprinted Bella is portrayed as a strong and determined individual—devoted, protective, and ready to put Bella above everything else. This deep connection that ensues becomes the foundation for Bella's journey into the world of werewolves.

Part 2: Bella's Response

Bella's initial reaction to this sudden imprinting is depicted as a mixed one. Confused, overwhelmed but also curious, Bella starts genuinely considering the possibility this connection brings. From being around the cold and emotionless vampires, the warm and fiercely protective werewolves become a comforting change.

Bella's sense of belonging with the werewolf and the tribe grows as the story progresses. The imprinting proves to create an impact on Bella, and she starts embracing the bond more willingly.

Part 3: Edward's Reaction

Edward is taken aback but he maintains his calm front. Unable to comprehend Bella's new found relation with the werewolf, Edward ends up in a complicated state of emotional upheaval.

The tensions between the vampires and werewolves escalate, making the atmosphere around more electrifying. Edward, though hurt, realizes that Bella's safety becomes paramount, which ultimately is reflected in his actions.

Part 4: Consequences For Bella

Bella's relationship with the werewolf changes her life's dynamics. Her slow transformation from a vampire's girlfriend to being affiliated to a werewolf forms the crux of this part.

Her human relationships change, especially her bond with her father, Charlie. Bella also deals with the shift from the vampire world to the mystical universe of the Quileute tribe and their history.

Part 5: Navigation Through The Unknown

Bella takes a courageous journey into understanding the Quileute tribe's mystical traditions and learning about the werewolf's life, presenting a bold exploration of a young woman finding her way through the unknown.

Her thrown into the turmoil of pack relationships, tribal customs and beliefs builds an immersive narrative. It becomes a fascinating exploration of how Bella's character evolves throughout this ordeal.

Part 6: Conclusion

The story meteorically concludes with Bella's truce with her circumstances. She embraces her life as it is, realizing the depth of the connections she has formed with the tribe.

The imprinting's intensity, the tribal aspects and the werewolf's connection with Bella all accumulate into a fulfilling crescendo, making for a heartwarming narrative.

Q & A

Q: Who is the wolf who imprints on Bella? A: The author leaves this up to the reader's imagination, providing room for predictions and theories.

Q: How does imprinting impact Bella's life? A: Imprinting drastically changes Bella's life, bringing in a new set of relationships, emotions, and experiences.

Q: How does Edward react to Bella's imprinting? A: Edward is hurt and confused, but prioritize Bella's safety and well-being over his feelings.


Though this is purely a fictional fan-created story, it borrows elements from the original Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The fanfiction beautifully retains the essence of Twilight, while presenting an intriguing alternate reality.

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