A world of hurt merlin fanfiction


There's always something captivating about the thought of alternate universes, where we see familiar characters in unfamiliar scenarios. "A World Of Hurt", a Merlin fanfiction, puts the characters and world of Arthurian legend in a painful yet fascinating predicament. This gripping narrative captures the essence of the original BBC series while exploring uncharted territory that's both daring and insightful.

The Plot

"A World Of Hurt" stretches beyond the established confines of the show, offering readers an engaging amalgamation of angst and drama interwoven with the beloved lore. Struggles and survival become the central themes as the characters navigate a intricate mesh of conflicts. It chronicles trials, tragedies and triumphs, resulting in a heart-wrenching, yet optimistic, narrative arc different from anything seen before on-screen.

A world of hurt merlin fanfiction

The Characters

The author chose to dive deep into the psyche of the well-established characters, exploring the hidden emotions and suppressed trauma that the series often left untouched. Arthur Pendragon, Morgana, Merlin, and other key characters are more complex, and their actions and decisions reflect this complexity, adding vibrant shades to existing personas.

The Setting

The setting is reminiscent of the historical Camelot, but with a twisted, alternate reality touch. The usual places once filled with joy now resonate with pain and despair. Even so, small pockets of hope remain, hinting at the resilience of these characters even in the face of unimaginable adversity.

The Dialogues

The dialogues tap into the raw emotions of the characters, unraveling their deepest regrets, fears, and hopes. They serve as a haunting echo of the series' defining moments, presenting readers with an intimate connection to the characters' plight.


"A World Of Hurt" thrives on conflict. The ever-present tension between loyalty and survival, love and loss, hope and despair, creates a riveting conflict that propels the narrative forward.

Fanbase Reaction

The fans of Merlin are diverse and passionate, and their reaction to "A World Of Hurt" was overwhelmingly positive. The narrative's depth and challenging exploration of beloved characters garnered praise, effectively stirring discussions within the fandom.

Appreciation on Platforms

Various fanfiction platform such as AO3 and became the main hubs connecting both author and audience. Readers expressed their appreciation in the comments and through emails discussing character arcs, plot choices, and the profound emotions evoked by the narrative.

Common Questions

Q: Is "A World Of Hurt" canon-compliant?

A: It explores alternate possibilities but is not anchored in the series' established canon.

Q: How do I read "A World Of Hurt"?

A: You can read it for free on popular fanfiction platforms like AO3 and

Q: Is it suitable for all ages?

A: It has mature themes and may not be suitable for younger readers due to the intensity of the narrative.


"A World Of Hurt" is a dark and gripping narrative that goes beyond the surface-level angst of Merlin, showing a more vulnerable and raw depiction of beloved characters. Itleaves readers gasping, weeping, and ultimately enthralled as they experience an emotional roller coaster. This fanfiction is undeniably a testament to the power of alternate realities in expanding the narrative landscape of popular tv-shows.


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