Abo fanfiction meaning


A/B/O, also known as Alpha/Beta/Omega or Omegaverse, is a sub-genre of fanfiction that originated from the Supernatural fandom. Its following has since grown to incorporate many different fandoms. The A/B/O fanfiction universe is characterized by a population that is divided into a sexual hierarchy based on animal-like traits and behaviors, creating intense power dynamics and sometimes controversial themes. But what does it really entail?

The A/B/O Universe

The underlying premise of the A/B/O universe is a complement of dominant and submissive dynamics. Alphas are typically dominant, Betas are neutral, and Omegas are submissive. It's also worth noting that within this universe, male characters can become pregnant (commonly referred to as "mpreg").

Abo fanfiction meaning

Rather than human society as we know it, the framework of A/B/O fanfictions establishes a whole new societal structure based on animal behavior. Alphas, betas, and omegas each have their own characteristics, desires, strengths, and weaknesses, oftentimes correlating to their position within the social hierarchy.


Alphas are at the top of this hierarchy. They are usually portrayed as physically superior, aggressive, and authoritative. Given their dominant traits, they are often leaders within the community. They are also typically the ones who mark and mate with their chosen partners, primarily Omegas.

Alpha's characters commonly have certain physical characteristics associated with wolves or similar dominant pack animals. A distinct trait they possess is their ability to emit pheromones which can affect the behavior of the other classes, particularly Omegas.


In the middle of the hierarchy are the Betas. They often exhibit traits of both Alphas and Omegas. Despite this, they generally keep a low profile in these societies, serving as the commonsensical moderators between Alphas and Omegas.

Betas are more relatable to humans in the modern world due to their neutral characteristics. They lack the aggressive dominance of Alphas and the submissive tendencies of Omegas. Hence, they are often least affected by the dynamics of this world.


Omegas, being at the bottom of the hierarchy, are often the submissive mates to Alphas. They are typically characterized as physically weaker, easily affected by Alpha's pheromones, and capable of bearing children despite their gender.

In some A/B/O fanfictions, Omegas are devalued and ostracized by society. Other fanfictions might depict a more egalitarian society where Omegas have the same rights as Alphas and Betas. Their portrayal heavily depends on the author's interpretation of the dynamics.

The Controversies

The A/B/O universe is often criticized for its potential promotion of non-consensual acts, given the power struggle between Alphas and Omegas. Critics argue that this genre risks romanticizing such controversial themes.

However, many authors within the A/B/O community endeavor to create content that challenges these imbalances, rather than perpetuating them. These include plots that question the biological determinism of the universe, and characters who defy their prescribed roles.

Common FAQs

1. Where was A/B/O fanfiction born?

A/B/O fanfiction style first originated from the Supernatural fandom and later spread to others.

2. Can A/B/O fanfiction be found on all fanfiction platforms?

Yes, any platform that accepts fanfiction will have a category for A/B/O.

3. Are A/B/O stories always explicit?

No, not all A/B/O stories contain explicit content. It is up to the author's discretion.


A/B/O fanfiction is a unique sub-genre that offers a dramatic deviation from typical romantic or adventure fanfictions. Despite its controversies and criticisms, its popularity remains unscathed due to its exciting dynamics and diversity of fan interpretations.


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