Are olivia benson brian cassidy married fanfiction


What if Olivia Benson and Brian Cassidy from the iconic “Law & Order: SVU�tied the knot? That's a question a lot of fans have asked. This fanfiction explores a universe where Olivia Benson, the steadfast detective, is married to Brian Cassidy, a complex character known for his tough exterior but soft heart. Here’s a “what could have been�scenario featuring an intimate look into their lives as a married couple.

A New Beginning

It starts with Olivia Benson leaving the gritty world of solving sex crimes behind, and stepping into the life of a homemaker, married to Brian Cassidy. Brian, too, has retired from his life as an undercover officer for the IAB. They've both seen enough, done enough, and now, it's time for new beginnings.

Are olivia benson brian cassidy married fanfiction

Their life is simple. Mornings include coffee in their shared kitchen, small chats about nothing in particular, the normalcy they both craved in their chaotic professional lives. It’s a refreshing change, a calm in what used to be the storm of their everyday.

Supportive Spouses

As former law enforcement officers, they use their experiences to provide support and security to each other. Brian is Olivia's rock when the memories of old cases still haunt her. And Olivia, with her strength and resilience, is the pillar Brian leans on when his undercover past comes knocking.

These moments of vulnerability heighten their understanding and love for each other. Their marriage is not devoid of ups and downs, but they always face the trials together, side by side.

Old Haunts, New Challenges

With their past catching up to them, the tranquility they've found in their marriage is disrupted. But this time, they are dealing with it together. Olivia's past in the Special Victims Unit and Brian's undercover work introduce unexpected twists in their domestic life.

The couple handles these new challenges as a team. As they say, the couple who remains united in strife becomes stronger. Their dedication and mutual support keep them going through all hardships.

Humour and Joy

Amidst the darkness, there’s always a light. While their past lives haunt them, Olivia and Brian find joy in the little things. Their shared moments of humor, whether it’s Brian’s bad dad jokes or Olivia’s dry sarcasm, bring joy and laughter.

The happiness they find in each other's company, their shared dinners and midnight confessions of love, bring warmth to their relationship, proving that amidst trials there can always be joy.

Unraveling The Past

Their shared history isn't always a burden. Olivia and Brian often find themselves reminiscing over their past. They recall how it was working in the same precinct, their initial disagreements, the building tension, and finally their undeniable attraction.

Talking about their past actually strengthens their present. It reminds them of how far they've come, how they’ve evolved beyond their professional relationship, and how they’ve built a life together.

Brian and Olivia’s Furry Family

Animal lover Olivia convinces Brian to adopt a dog. Soon, their family extends to more than just the two of them. The pets add a new dynamic to their relationship. Brian, initially unsure about pets, grows to love them as much as Olivia.

Their furry family brings them closer than ever. They share duties, have friendly disagreements about training methods, and most importantly, they bask in the joy and devotion their pets bring into their lives.


While Olivia Benson and Brian Cassidy's married life is far from perfect, it is filled with love, understanding, and mutual respect. They stand together in all walks of life, supporting each other, fighting their demons together, and finding moments of joy and happiness. Their bond, forged in the fires of Law & Order, continues to grow stronger in the haven of their home life.


Is this fanfiction based on any actual episode?

No, this is a purely imaginative piece of work based on the characters in the show.

Are Olivia Benson and Brian Cassidy married on the show?

No, while there was a romantic storyline involving them, they never got married on the show.

Can we expect more stories about their married life?

Yes, this is just the start of exploring a universe where Benson and Cassidy are married.

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