Are you human too fanfiction


In the world of Korean dramas, “Are You Human Too?�is a standout feature. Captivating audiences with its futuristic outlook, the show's depiction of humanoid robots brings to us a world where artificial intelligence has gained human-like consciousness, ushering a new dimension of potential storytelling. For those captivated by the unique combination of love and A.I in this series, it often sparks the inspiration to explore more, through the lens of fanfiction. Brace yourselves for an exciting ride.

1. Deviation of Plotline

Validated by its premise and prominent characters, this fanfic could take on a new direction with a minor tweak in the existing plot line. One might extend the story, exploring the journey of Nam Shin III, the humanoid robot, in finding his identity in a human world, post the drama’s end.

Are you human too fanfiction

The popular opinion could revolve around a scenario where Nam Shin III develops independent feelings for Sobong, unclouded by his programming. This might lead to fascinating developments in their artificially instigated relationship. Thus, a deviation in the plot could mean unchartered territories of human-like androids impersonating their creator.

2. Character Amplification

Fanfiction promises a deeper look into characters' psyche. The conflict in Nam Shin III between his assigned role and emerging independent artificial intelligence could provide an intriguing perspective on self-identity.

Similarly, exploring Sobong's insecurities and her battle to differentiate her feelings might add depth to the plot. Giving voice to their internal battles gives the story a literary depth beyond the superficial layer of the original plot.

3. Peer Relationships

Despite being a supporting character, David's relationship with Nam Shin III holds immense interest among fans. A fanfic probing David's guilt involved in replacing a human with a droid and his ensuing relationship with Nam Shin III could make an interesting subplot.

Another rewarding subplot could be the friendship between Sobong and Shin's mother, Oh Ro Ra, which is influenced by their common affection towards Nam Shin III. Expanding this subplot can add more depth and emotional nuance to the story.

4. Alternate Universe

Another interesting approach could be the creation of an alternate universe, where Nam Shin III confronts regular human experiences. The possibility of realizing an unexplored path in the storyline enables potentially thrilling opportunities for fanfic authors.

A version of the story, where Nam Shin III must navigate through the complexities of friendship, heartbreak, and jealousy might commemorate a new layer to the drama. Thus, alternate universes contribute significantly to broadening the canvas of fanfiction.

5. Fusion with other popular K-Drama

A fanfic introducing Nam Shin III in the setup of another loved K-Drama, for instance ‘Crash Landing on You�or 'He's Psychometric,�would be an intriguing twist for fans. The mix-and-match tactics, stirring curiosity, can revamp the mundane.

The scenario where Nam Shin III falls for Yoon Se-ri or gets entangled in a criminal investigation carries the potential for new exciting arcs and keeps the readers on edge.

Q&A Section

Q1: Is all fanfiction based on the original material? A1: No, although fanfiction usually starts off from the original content, it often ventures into other territories, including new plots, alternate universes, and character exploration.

Q2: Is it legal to write fanfiction? A2: Yes, fanfiction is legal under the provisions of "fair use" as it's a creation of original work based on an already existing fiction, often not intended for commercial gains.

Q3: Why do people engage in fanfiction writing? A3: People engage in fanfiction writing to dissect their favorite stories and characters, often extending the universe, creating alternate outcomes, or exploring unvoiced thoughts of the characters.


Fanfiction opens a realm of possibilities where one can explore the unchartered territory of imagination. "Are You Human Too?" offers an unparalleled opportunity for an intriguingly unique fanfiction centered around love and AI. Embrace the freedom to write your own versions of the story, explore subplots, dive deeper into the psyche of the characters, and create your thrilling alternate universe.

With a touch of imagination and creativity, one can travel through time and space, and truly make the most out of this masterpiece of human-robotics.

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