Can i do fanfiction commissions on

2024-04-13 is one of the earliest and most popular fanfiction websites, providing a platform for fans to unleash their creativity and share it among a community with shared interests. As fanfiction writing has grown in popularity, so too are questions about ways one can monetize such a pastime. This question has led to the concept of fanfiction commissions, which involve a fan paying the author to write a story featuring their favorite characters or scenarios. But can you do such fanfiction commissions on Let's delve into this topic from a few angles to understand better.

Site's Policy

According to's policies, charging for content is technically deemed as a breach of its terms and conditions. The site is designed to be a place for free sharing of stories, aiming to build a community rather than a marketplace. Hence, doing fanfiction commissions on is not supported, at least not blatantly. The authors are expected to volunteer their skills and creativity in pursuit of their love for the fandom, and not direct financial gain.

Can i do fanfiction commissions on

Copyright Issues

One of the main reasons for's stance is that fanfiction inherently treads a thin line on copyright law. Commissions, especially, present an implication of commercial activity, which could lead to potential legal ramifications. Even if you create a transformative work, collecting financial compensation for such a work could still cross legal lines.

Alternative Platforms for Commissions

While might not support fanfiction commissions, there are other platforms that do. Patreon, Ko-fi, and other crowdfunding sites are often used by authors to offer fanfic commissions. These platforms provide a workaround for the legal and ethical concerns since they are more about supporting the creators than directly selling copyrighted material.


Patreon is a platform where creators can set up subscriptions for their fans who want access to exclusive content or to support their favorite authors. A fanfic writer might offer a commission as a reward for a certain level of sponsorship. Again, the emphasis is on supporting the creator's efforts - not purchasing the copyrighted material.


Ko-fi operates on a model that allows fans to toss a few dollars to their favorite creators, akin to buying them a coffee. Unlike Patreon, it doesn't focus on monthly subscriptions; instead, it allows one-time donations. An author could, off-platform, offer fanfiction commissions in exchange for these coffees.

Remuneration Vs. Recognition

If you are interested in writing fan fiction for more than just the creativity and community, consider your true goals. While financial remuneration might seem attractive, recognition and building a following can also be highly rewarding, potentially leading to further opportunities. remains a great platform for this, allowing writers to connect with fans, receive feedback, and improve their storytelling skills.


Q1: Can I do fanfiction commissions on
No, it is technically against’s policy to charge for fanfictions.

Q2: Why is it against the policy?
Mostly due to copyright issues and's aim to remain a community for sharing creativity rather than becoming a marketplace.

Q3: Are there other platforms I can do fanfiction commissions?
Yes, there are platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi where fanfic authors can offer their work in exchange for donations or subscriptions.


While does not support fanfiction commissions due to its policy and potential legal issues, it doesn't mean that fanfic writers can't earn recognition or other benefits from their work. Writers can still grow their followers, learn valuable writing skills, and potentially move on to professional writing opportunities. For those who really wish to make fanfiction commissions, platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi offer legal alternatives to support favorite creators.


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