Can i post a link to deviant art on


The world of the internet is vast, and users inevitably find themselves wondering about the dos and don'ts, the possibilities and limitations of different platforms. An intriguing question that has come to the fore is - Can I post a link to Deviant Art on I will tap into various aspects to give an in-depth answer to this question.

1. Understanding, often shortened as, is a website dedicated to fan fiction, where the fans of a certain series or characters create their own stories and share them with other fans. It is one of the oldest and largest fan fiction websites, offering stories based on various genres including anime, books, cartoons, comics, games, plays, and more.

Can i post a link to deviant art on

The website does not permit explicit adult content or plagiarism. It operates on an organized system that categorizes content based on a multitude of factors such as genre, language, characters used, and the type of fan fiction it is (anime, book, cartoon, etc.).

2. About Deviant Art

Deviant Art, often shortened as DA, is a platform that allows users to share their art. It serves as an online community for artists, showcasing digital art, skin art, themes, wallpapers, traditional art, photography, poetry, and prose among others. The content creator can claim copyright to their uploads.

Deviant Art is known for its diversity in content and its active community. People from all around the world contribute to the content, making it a hub for creative exchange.

3. The Intersection of and Deviant Art

Both and Deviant Art serve as platforms for users to share their creative passions, and a large intersection of users exists who use both of these platforms. A writer on may want to share their artworks from Deviant Art, or an artist on Deviant Art may want to share their stories from, thus linking the two platforms together.

However, it is important to understand how these websites work individually, their rules and guidelines, before attempting to link content from them.

4. The Guidelines of has detailed guidelines on what is allowed to be posted and what is not. It strongly discourages plagiarism, explicit adult content, non-stories (author notes, intros), etc. This is to maintain the community standards and ensure a positive experience for all users.

It is crucial to read these guidelines before attempting to post anything on the website. It is also important to remember that these guidelines are subject to change, and users are advised to stay updated with the changes.

5. The Guidelines of Deviant Art

Similarly, Deviant Art also has a set of rules and guidelines users need to follow. Harassment, hate speech, and adult content are strictly prohibited on the site. It also discourages the posting of spam content, stolen artwork, or artworks that do not comply with copyright laws.

It's recommended for all users to familiarize themselves with these rules to avoid any misunderstanding or violation that may lead to their content being removed, or worse, their account being suspended.

6. Linking Deviant Art to

While the guidelines of do not explicitly mention anything about linking to another website, it generally advises against sharing personal information. This means users should be cautious when posting links to their profiles on other websites, like Deviant Art.

However, it is suggested to directly contact's support or administration for confirmation regarding this issue. Rules often vary from platform to platform, and sometimes also change over time. Hence, getting the confirmation from the source would be the best way to ensure you will not be violating any rules.

7. Advantages of Linking Deviant Art and

By linking Deviant Art to, users can easily share their complementary creations. Artists can share the visual representation of their characters or scenarios from their stories, while writers can provide insight into the visual world of their creations. This immensely helps in enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Not only does this aid in cross-platform promotion and growth of audiences, but it also adds a visual layer to the narrative, which could potentially pique the interest of the viewers to a great extent.

8. Potential Limitations and Challenges

While this sounds ideal, there could be limitations and challenges. The guidelines of discourage sharing personal information, the definition and extent of which is quite vague. This means that there could be a risk involved in sharing links to an artists' Deviant Art profile.

In addition, anything that has not been directly addressed in the guidelines is often subject to changes and interpretation. Therefore, it is always recommended to tread with caution when it comes to linking content from a secondary source, or to seek direct confirmation from the website's support or administration.

Common Questions & Answers

Q1: Is safe to use?

A1: Yes, is safe to use and requires age verification for contents that may not be appropriate for all ages.

Q2: How can I publish my fan fiction on

A2: You can go to the 'publish' section of and follow the instructions to publish your fan fiction.

Q3: How can I share my art on Deviant Art?

A3: You can upload your artwork by going to the 'submit' section on Deviant Art's website and following the instructions.


While it seems possible to share a link from Deviant Art to, due to the vague nature of's guidelines regarding personal information, and the absence of explicit information on cross-linking, it is advised for users to directly contact the administration for confirmation.

Both these platforms are distinct yet overlap in their objective of promoting creativity. There's a potential to create a rich and immersive experience which could enhance their respective communities if allowed to interlink. Given the world of creativity we are in, such intersections promise exciting possibilities.


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