Can people who create fanfiction on wattpad be wattpad stars


Wattpad is a popular platform where writers can create and share their literary works, whether they be original stories or fanfiction. One of the unique features of Wattpad is their "Wattpad Stars" program. This program helps writers on Wattpad get discovered by putting their work in front of millions of readers. But can fanfiction writers also become Wattpad Stars? This article will explore several dimensions of this question and consider the different factors involved.

Eligibility for Wattpad Stars Program

First up, eligibility for the Wattpad Stars program does not explicitly exclude any genre or type of writing. Rather, it emphasizes the need for creative, compelling and engaging stories that attract a readership. Therefore, it is theoretically possible for fanfiction writers to become Wattpad Stars.

Can people who create fanfiction on wattpad be wattpad stars

However, writers need to consistently create high-quality content. This dedication and commitment should be reflected in their online presence on Wattpad. So while the door is open for fanfiction writers, it's essential that they demonstrate consistent quality and originality in their storytelling.

Audience & Readership

An important factor in the selection process for Wattpad Stars is the audience. Wattpad Stars need to amass a significant readership, which means fanfiction writers need to craft stories that resonate with a broad audience. This can be a challenge, given that fanfiction often caters to a niche audience within a specific fandom.

However, there are certainly instances of fanfiction reaching a wide audience. Wattpad successes include Anna Todd’s “After�series, which started as a One Direction fanfiction and escalated to a global publishing deal and a movie adaptation. So, fanfiction writers who manage to captivate a wide range of readers stand a solid chance of becoming Wattpad Stars.

Originality and Creativity

While fanfiction involves the use of already established characters and worlds, it still requires creativity and originality. Stories that merely rehash canon without adding anything new will likely struggle to captivate readers. For fanfiction writers to be considered for the Wattpad Stars program, they must demonstrate creativity in reimagining characters, crafting new plotlines, and even creating alternative universes (AUs).

Furthermore, fanfiction writers should make it apparent that their fame and readership was earned by the merit of their writing and storytelling skills and not just the popularity of the original fandom.

Legal Considerations

While not a direct eligibility factor, legal considerations could potentially complicate the process for fanfiction writers who aspire to become Wattpad Stars. Copyright and intellectual property laws can be tricky, especially when it comes to stories based on someone else's original work. Success as a Wattpad Star often involves partnerships with brands or even film/TV adaptations, which could be complicated for fanfiction, due to these legal considerations.

However, fanfiction creates a gray area in terms of legality. The transformative nature of fanfiction often provides a certain degree of protection under fair use. Nonetheless, prospective Wattpad Stars who create fanfiction would be wise to familiarize themselves with these aspects of copyright law.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can fanfiction writers become Wattpad Stars?
Yes, fanfiction writers can certainly become Wattpad Stars, provided they fulfill the requirements of producing compelling, unique, and engaging content with a considerable readership.

2. Can fanfiction be turned into movies or television series?
Yes, there are several instances where popular fanfiction has been adapted into movies or TV series. However, legal and copyright considerations must always be taken into account.

3. What are the key considerations for fanfiction writers aspiring to become Wattpad Stars?
Beyond writing compelling stories, fanfiction writers should focus on attracting a broad audience, ensuring originality and creativity in their work and being mindful of copyright and legal complexities.


It's clear that fanfiction writers can indeed become Wattpad Stars. Success in the program is not pegged to writing original fiction or fanfiction; instead, it's about captivating stories that engage readers, gain widespread popularity, demonstrate creativity, and navigate the complexities of copyright law. So if you're a fanfiction writer with big dreams, don't let the specifics of your genre hold you back!


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