Can you add a songs lyrics to fanfiction


Fanfiction is a fascinating realm of fan creativity, with authors using familiar characters, universes, and storylines of their favorite works to create new narratives. One of the questions that crop up among the creators and readers alike involves the incorporation of song lyrics into fanfiction. Can it be done, or is there a breach of legal parameters if song lyrics are used? This discourse explores various aspects of this question in a comprehensive manner.

The Complexity of Copyright Law

Song lyrics, like other creative works, are protected under copyright law. This suggests that using them without permission constitutes infringement. The use of song lyrics in fanfiction may be viewed as infringing upon the rights of the songwriter or publishing company. This isn't as simple as it sounds, and a lot will hinge on how they are used and the jurisdiction under which the matter is evaluated.

Can you add a songs lyrics to fanfiction

However, there's also the 'fair use' doctrine, which allows for limited use of copyrighted material under certain circumstances (like critique, parody, and more). If the inclusion of song lyrics in your fanfiction is transformative rather than a simple copy-pasting, it may qualify as fair use.

Risk of Law Infringement

While the 'fair use' doctrine is rather subjective, it might be concluded that a section of lyrics (a line or two) that adds crucial depth or meaning to your Fanfiction work might fall into 'fair use'. However, larger chunks of lyrics, or using them simply to decorate or enhance your work, may not. If the songwriter or music publisher feels their rights have been infringed upon, they may take legal action, which often involves getting your work taken down or, in worst cases, pursuing damages.

This doesn't mean it happens often; many music publishers understand the value of fan works and let small and non-commercial infringements slide. But the risk always exists, and it is something you should be aware of when deciding whether to use song lyrics in your fanfiction.

Writing With Intent

The first rule of writing is to be original and not to borrow from others without proper accreditation. When it comes to fanfiction, it is crucial to imply the tone or feeling a song gives without directly lifting its lyrics. Try using descriptions, emotions or even dialogue that encapsulates the essence of the song.

This approach not only skirts potential copyright issues but also pushes you as an author to delve deeper into evoking feelings and atmosphere, which ultimately improves your writing skills.

Proper Attribution

If you decide on using song lyrics, it's essential to add proper attribution. This can help signal respect for the original creator, and also shows that your usage is not an attempt to claim originality. Be sure to include the song title, artist name, and in some cases, even the words 'I do not own the rights to these lyrics.' This disclaimer may not legally clear you from potential infringement, but it does help clarify your intentions to readers and potential claimants.

Attribution does not circumvent copyright law, but it’s a step in demonstrating good faith in your usage. There's also the tiny possibility that the copyright holder may see it, like your work, and decide not to take action, although relying on this is rather risky!'s Guidelines is one of the largest and oldest archives of fanfiction on the internet. Their rules specifically state no songfics where the lyrics are part of the narrative. They also ban the sharing of copyrighted lyrics within the stories. Violating the guidelines can result in your story being removed without warning. Knowing and following the guidelines of the platform you post on, is an utmost importance.

It is important to note that other platforms like Archive of Our Own (AO3) don't expressly ban song lyrics. This doesn't mean using them is risk-free but merely suggests that the portal won't automatically remove your work due to their inclusion. Do your research on the guidelines of your chosen platform before using song lyrics in your fanfiction.

Take song lyrics as inspiration

Instead of including direct lyrics, taking inspiration from a song is a safer and more creative option. You can use the general theme or mood of the song to shape your narrative, characters, or setting, giving a nod to the song without risking copyright infringement.

This one takes a bit more work and imagination, but it can be incredibly rewarding. It allows you to reflect on what the song means to you, and how that feeling or story can be transposed onto the characters in your fanfiction.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, can you add song lyrics to fanfiction? Yes, you can, but doing so is not free from risks. It's crucial to be aware of copyright laws and their application to avoid any unwanted legal battles. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and find creative ways to channel your love for a song into your fanfiction without using the lyrics verbatim.

Common Questions

Q: Is fanfiction illegal?
A: No, fanfiction in itself isn't illegal. What can make it illegal is if it infringes upon the copyright of the original work, if it's used for commercial purposes without authorization, or if it's defamatory or obscene.

Q: Can I use a few lines from a song in my fanfiction?
A: The 'fair use' doctrine may protect the limited use of song lyrics in specific circumstances, but it's assessed on a case-by-case basis, and there's no universal 'safe' number of lines. When in doubt, avoid using song lyrics.

Q: How can I use a song in my fanfiction without violating copyright?
A: One way is to take inspiration from the song. Describe the emotions it conveys, its atmosphere, or its themes, rather than using its lyrics directly. If you decide to use the lyrics, remember to attribute them correctly to their original creators.


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