Can you ban someone from reading your fanfictions on


While you may want to share your unique spin on a beloved franchise with like-minded fans, you may have experienced an interaction on that led you to question, "Can I ban someone from reading my fanfictions?"

1. Setting the Stage: What is is a popular website that hosts millions of user-generated stories, classified into thousands of different fandoms from books, movies, games, and even real-life celebrities or events. It's a platform for creative writing, community engagement, and sharing love for the same characters and worlds.

Can you ban someone from reading your fanfictions on

2. User Controls and Content Moderation

Bagging the status of one of the pioneer sites for fanfiction content,, has updated its tools and user interface to ensure only receptive individuals can access your stories. While the platform does not enable direct banning, you can enforce effective controls through other built-in tools, which we will explore in this article.

3. Privacy Settings

One of the simplest ways to control access to your stories is manipulating the 'Privacy settings'. The settings will not essentially 'ban' a specific user but it can limit who can view your stories, including general viewers, signed-in users, or followers.

4. Ratings System

Another mechanism to control readership is through the ratings system. By allocating the appropriate rating such as 'General', 'Teen', 'Mature', etc., to your fanfic, you can limit the age group who can view your work, thus indirectly controlling access.

5. Review Management

As an author, you can manage the reviews on your stories. This can help in case you are being trolled or harassed. allows you to remove any review that you see unfit and report users for inappropriate behavior, leading to their potential ban from the site.

6. Blocking Users

Although you cannot 'ban' a person from seeing your content, you can 'block' them. This option prevents a specific user from interacting with you and reviewing your stories, thereby indirectly controlling their access.

7. Mature Content Filter

You can also use the 'Mature Content Filter' which when enabled, filters out fanfiction containing adult themes, swearing or violence. Though it doesn't ban, it does restrict the viewing for certain users who have their mature filter switched on.

8. Story Access

Lastly, you can limit your story to only 'Signed-in' users. This small step can deter the access of trolls who could be bothering you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I block a user from my profile in

A: Yes, you can block a user from interacting with you or leaving comments on your profile or stories

Q: Can I remove a user's review on my fanfiction?

A: Yes, allows the author to remove or report any review deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Q: How can I report a user on

A: You can report a user by clicking on the 'report' option available on user's profile or the offensive review they left.


Although you cannot directly ban someone from reading your fanfictions on, the platform provides a suite of tools to manage your interactions and limit the access of unwanted readers indirectly.


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