Can you ban someone from reading your fanfictions on

2024-05-10 is a popular website and application that hosts millions of user-generated stories from different genres and fandoms. It is widely known for promoting creativity, freedom of expression, and bringing together fans from different passions and interests. This platform also provides tools and features that give its users the ability to moderate and manage their generated content and interactions. One of these features is the power to ban certain users from interacting with or even reading their fanfictions. But how does one go about banning someone on Let's delve into this issue from multiple perspectives.

Moderation on

As an author on, you have the authority to control who interacts with your stories. This means that if a user is showing disruptive or offensive behavior, you have the right to ban them from further interaction. However, the process of banning users can be meticulous, particularly when the reasons are fuelled by personal reasons rather than community guidelines violations. This prompts the need for concise and considerate decision-making when taking such actions.

Can you ban someone from reading your fanfictions on

This ability to moderate content, however, is not absolute. has its community guidelines, and everyone is expected to abide by them. One of the website's primary rules is respect for other members. Offensive or harassing behavior is not tolerated, and a user can be banned if they violate this rule. But it's essential to understand that banning for personal reasons might not always align with's policies.

Blocking Users vs. Banning Users

Despite having similar outcomes, blocking and banning are two different concepts on When you block a user, they can't send you private messages, review your stories, or interact with you in any form. However, they can still read your stories and follow your profile.

Banning, on the other hand, completely removes a user's ability to view or interact with your stories. This is a more drastic move since it cuts the person off your content entirely. The criterion to ban someone should primarily be based on unwarranted behavior that violates the platform rules.

Procedure to Ban a User

If a user's actions necessitate a ban, you can do so by reporting the user to's administration. You need to provide compelling evidence of their infringement, such as explicit messages, abusive comments, or inappropriate behavior. The Trust and Safety team will then inspect the issue and enforce the proper penalties if the user is found guilty.

This process is designed to be impartial and fair to all users. Therefore, it's important to have substantial reasons and proof for your ban request. A malicious or personal grudge without valid evidence can potentially work against you and tarnish your reputation within the community.

The Effect of a Ban

Being banned from a fanfic involves exclusion from that user's stories on entirely. This includes accessing, reading, and commenting on the author's works. A ban serves as a legitimate punishment for intense rule violations and is intended to reprimand unruly behavior and maintain a safe, respectful interaction environment on the platform.

However, it's important to note that a ban can severely impact a user's experience on the site, and as such, should only be utilized as a last resort. It's always advisable to resolve misunderstandings through open communication before resorting to the extreme measure of a ban.


The ability to ban someone from reading your fanfictions on is both a privilege and a responsibility. It provides a safety net for authors, protecting them from inappropriate behavior or malicious actions; however, it also forms a critical moderator function that should not be abused.


Q: Can I ban a user from reading my stories and interacting with me on
A: Yes, you can, by reporting the user's incidence to the website's administration. They will then investigate and enforce a ban if the user is found guilty.

Q: Can I unban a user?
A: Yes, a user can be unbanned by contacting the website's Trust and Safety team. However, the decision lies with the team after evaluating the situation and impact of the user's previous actions.

Q: Are there potential repercussions when I ban a user for personal reasons?
A: Yes, when you request a ban for personal reasons, it's important to provide solid evidence of the said misbehavior. If you are found to have a personal grudge without a valid reason, it may tarnish your community standing.

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