Can you get noticed because of fanfiction



It has become increasingly common for fans to express their admiration and connection to their favorite books, movies, or video games by creating their own stories or 'fanfictions'. But one might ask: Can you really get noticed because of fanfiction? In the world of publishing and media, the answer is a resounding YES! In this article, we will delve into the multiple ways fanfiction can help get you recognized in different spheres of life.

Building a following

Fanfiction provides a ready-made audience who already have an interest in the themes or characters of the original work. By writing engaging, fun, and creative stories, fanfiction authors can build an avid following who enjoy reading their work. Not only can this increase visibility within the fan community, but it can also attract attention from wider audiences who might stumble upon the stories.

Can you get noticed because of fanfiction

A site like or Wattpad, has communities of millions of active users who are eager to devour new content. By posting regularly, interacting with your audience, and honing your storytelling skills, you might soon find that you have attracted a loyal fanbase who are eager to read, share, and promote your work.

Improving Writing Skills

Fanfiction authors often start writing because they love the original work and want to continue the story, explore alternate universes, or delve into the lives of minor characters. This hobby can provide a platform for emerging authors to hone their writing skills, experiment with styles, and learn how to craft engaging narratives.

Furthermore, the constructive feedback provided by the fan community can be invaluable for improving one's writing. Engaging with readers and receiving their feedback can help to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide new perspectives and ideas for future character development or plot twists.

Encouraging Creativity

Writing fanfiction allows authors to push the boundaries of the original work, exploring new settings, plotlines, and character developments. This can lead to unique and creative storytelling that stands out from the crowd and generates interest and excitement among readers.

A talented and creative fanfiction author can take a well-known story and spin it in a completely new direction, sparking fascination and recognition from not only fans of the original work but also a wider community of readers who appreciate innovative and captivating storytelling.

Getting Noticed by Industry Professionals

Several successful authors, including Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments) and E.L. James (Fifty Shades of Grey), began as fanfiction writers. These authors managed to attract the attention of literary agents and publishers who recognized the potential of their writing and their existing audience following.

While not all fanfictions will secure a publishing deal, well-written and popular fanfictions can definitely catch the eye of industry professionals. A captivating storyline, strong character development, and a built-in fanbase can make a fanfiction author an attractive prospect for publishers and literary agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone write fanfiction? Absolutely. Fanfiction is an open and welcoming community for all levels of writers, from beginners to experienced authors. All you need is a passion for the original work and a desire to tell your own stories.

2. Are there legal issues involved in writing fanfiction? This can depend on the stance of the original creator or copyright holder. Some are happy to encourage fan-created content, while others are more protective of their intellectual property rights. Always check the guidelines and respect the wishes of the original creator.

3. Should I put my fanfiction on my resume? It depends on the context and the job you’re applying for. If the job is related to writing or storytelling, it might be worth mentioning if your fanfiction has received significant recognition or has a substantial following.


So, can you get noticed because of fanfiction? As the stories of many successful authors have shown, the answer is certainly yes. Whether it's building an engaged following, honing your writing skills, fostering creativity, or grabbing the attention of industry professionals, fanfiction offers innumerable opportunities for writers to grow, develop and get noticed.

Writing fanfiction is more than just a hobby �with passion, creativity and hard work, it can be a powerful launchpad for wider recognition and, potentially, a successful writing career.


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