Can you get permission from pokemon to publish pokemon fanfiction


Pokemon is a beloved franchise that has inspired countless fan works globally, including fanfiction. With the growing popularity of this series, many fans want to take the next step and immortalize their adorations through published works. However, this raises a crucial question: can one obtain permission from The Pokémon Company (the rights holder of the franchise) to publish Pokemon fanfiction? In this article, we will tackle this question from at least eight different aspects and provide comprehensive insights based on available copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

Understanding Copyrights

The first step before publishing fanfiction on any franchise is understanding copyrights. Copyrights are a form of intellectual property that grants exclusive rights to the owner, in this case, The Pokémon Company. These rights include the privilege of producing derivative works based on the original content. Therefore, any unauthorized replication of Pokemon, including fanfiction, technically infringes upon The Pokémon Company's copyright.

Can you get permission from pokemon to publish pokemon fanfiction

However, copyright laws vary from country to country. While some countries' laws may find fanfiction asa form of copyright infringement, others may consider them under the doctrine of fair use, provided they are non-commercial and do not negatively impact the original work's value. Nonetheless, to publish Pokemon fanfiction, you would need to obtain permission from The Pokémon Company, who owns the copyright.

Fair Use and its Role

Copyright laws have a built-in principle called 'fair use,' which allows limited usage of copyrighted material, often for purposes such as critique, parody, or educational use. Some fanfiction websites, like, rely on this principle, claiming their works fall under criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

However, this is a grey area in law and does not guarantee protection against lawsuits, especially when the fanfiction is published for commercial gain. Moreover, fair use laws vary significantly, and a court makes the ultimate decision on a case-by-case basis. So, relying on fair use alone to publish Pokemon fanfiction might be risky without explicit permission.

Requesting Permissions

In many cases, authors seeking permission to use copyrighted materials must directly contact the copyright holder, state the nature of their work, and request authorization. This would apply to Pokemon fanfiction as well.

It's crucial to understand that acquiring such permission might be challenging and not guaranteed. Commercial entities like The Pokémon Company typically protect their IPs fiercely. They would closely examine your proposal, and even if your work is commendable, they might deny your request due to potential conflicts with their established business model or future plans.

Publishing Fanfiction on Specialized Platforms

Several platforms embrace fan-created works, like Wattpad and These websites have special agreements with many copyright holders, allowing fans to write and share stories based on their favorite franchises, including Pokemon.

Note that these agreements often don't cover commercial publications. They are designed to foster fan communities and act as a creative outlet. If you plan to profit from your Pokemon fanfiction, you would still need explicit permission from The Pokémon Company.

Legality Vs. Company Policy

While copyright is a legal issue, how a company decides to respond to fanfiction is often down to their individual company policy. Some companies encourage fan creations, while others are more protective of their intellectual properties.

Historically, The Pokémon Company has been rather passive in dealing with fan creations. There are plenty of nonpublished online Pokemon fanfictions. However, the company is more likely to take action when fan creations are professionalized into commercial products. Therefore, getting permission to publish Pokemon fanfiction, especially for commercial purposes, may be unlikely.

Creating your Original Content

While it can be challenging to get permission to publish Pokemon fanfiction, this shouldn't dampen your creative flow. Consider creating original content inspired by Pokemon elements. This allows you more creative freedom without worrying about legal implications.

It's essential to ensure that your work does not directly copy elements from Pokemon to avoid copyright infringement. Make it distinct so that it's identified as an adaptation, not a derivative. Making your characters, settings, and plots unique, although inspired by Pokemon, is an acceptable practice.


In conclusion, it is possible to get permission to publish Pokemon fanfiction, but it's challenging and unlikely, especially with commercial intent. Always remember that the rights to Pokemon reside with The Pokémon Company, and any unauthorized commercial derivative work can lead to legal repercussions. To be on the safe side, you may want to create your original content inspired by Pokemon or stick to non-commercial fanfiction platforms.

Common Queries

Q: Can I publish my Pokemon fanfiction on platforms like Wattpad for profit? A: No, platforms like Wattpad only allow fan works for non-profit purposes unless you have explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Q: I've created a Pokemon fanfiction. Could it be seen as a breach of copyright? A: If your fanfiction isn't for commercial purposes and doesn't cause harm to the original work's value, it can arguably fall under 'fair use' in some jurisdictions. Nevertheless, the matter is subjective and depends on the specific copyright laws of your country.

Q: Can I use Pokemon in my original story since they're a part of pop culture? A: Just because something is a part of pop culture doesn't mean its rights are free for everyone. You have to be careful to not trespass on copyrighted material, even if it's popular.


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