Can you search fanfiction by favorites count


Fanfiction has become a unitary part of popular culture, with countless stories written by fans about their favorite TV shows, movies, books, and more. The thrill of expanding universes and imagining different scenarios for beloved characters has attracted millions of readers. But how do we sift through the multitude of stories and find the best ones? Can you search fanfiction by favorites count? The answer is yes, you can. This article delves into how you can use different aspects of fanfiction websites to discover popular stories that fans adore.

Understand the Ranking System

Primarily, to search fanfiction by favorites count, you need to understand the ranking system. Favorites count can be an indicator of a story's popularity, but other factors like reviews, views, or upvotes can also be important.

Can you search fanfiction by favorites count

Therefore, a comprehensive approach to determine the best fanfiction involves more than merely sorting by favorites. Often, the most engaging stories are those with a mix of high reviews, numerous favorites, and plenty of views.

The Role of Search Filters

In searching for popular fanfiction, search filters would be your best weapon. A considerable number of fanfiction hosting sites like FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own (AO3) offer extensive search filters. These include sorting options like newest, completed, word count, and yes, favorites or kudos (in the case of AO3).

The option to sort by favorites makes it easier for readers to find highly appreciated stories. It also enables authors to gauge the popularity of their creations and possibly gain insights to improve their work.

Subscription and Bookmarking

Another feature that helps with gauging a fanfiction story's popularity is the subscription or bookmark count. Users can subscribe to or bookmark their favorite stories, and this count could be a good determinant of a story's popularity.

For instance, if you're sorting search results using the favorite counts, also checking the number of subscriptions or bookmarks could further verify the ranking of your search results.

The Relevance of Reviews

Apart from favorites, another crucial aspect to look out for is the number and quality of reviews. Reviews provide insight into what other readers think about the story. They offer meaningful feedback about plot development, character portrayal, grammar, and more.

A story with a higher number of positive reviews but fewer favorites might be more engaging than one with numerous favorites but mixed reviews. Therefore, while considering the favorites count, also pay attention to reviews.

Rating and Genre Factors

The rating and genre of a piece of fanfiction could also play a significant role in its popularity. Mature-rated stories might garner more favorites due to their target audience's size, while certain genres carry more appeal than others.

Consequently, when sorting by favorites, take note of the story's rating and genre. This additional layer of information might further enhance your search experience.

Importance of Tags

Tags are essential in deciding which fanfiction story to read. Tags provide viewers with essential details such as pairing information, plot hints, possible triggers, and more.

A well-tagged fanfiction can allow a reader to determine if the story aligns with their interest quickly. Hence, while reviewing favorite counts, the relevance of tags cannot be overlooked.

Consider Update Frequency

Lastly, the update frequency might influence a story's favorites count. A regularly updated fanfiction encourages readers to follow and potentially favorite the text. It signifies the author's dedication and increases the likelihood of the story being completed.

Therefore, in combination with the number of favorites, considering the update frequency of the story could lead you to better fanfiction experiences.


Can I sort fanfiction by favorites count?

Yes, many fanfiction websites have the option to sort stories by favorites count in their search filters.

Is favorites count the only measure of a story's popularity?

No, other factors such as reviews, views, and subscription or bookmark counts can also denote popularity.

Is it possible to only read completed fanfiction stories?

Yes, search filters on most fanfiction websites have the option to only show completed stories.

Popular fanfiction is abundant, with a myriad of treasures to discover. Understanding how to efficiently search and sort by favorites count is one way to find these gems. But remember, popularity isn't everything. Sometimes, undiscovered or less popular stories can offer a unique flair that suits your taste. Happy reading!


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