Can you see what series you've read on fanfiction


Fanfiction has always played a significant role in the sphere of pop culture. It is a platform where avid fans unleash their creativity in rewriting or adding to the original content they so cherish. A significant question often posed to new users is, "Can You See What Series You've Read on Fanfiction?" Let's delve into the answer while also browsing through various aspects of fanfiction.

Tracking Your Reading

Firstly,, the primary platform for fans to publish and read fan-created stories, has a feature that allows you to follow, favorite, and review stories. However, it doesn't have a direct way to mark or keep track of what series you have read. You may have to manually bookmark the series or stories of interest on your browser. Another loophole is to favorite them and use your 'Favorite Stories' list as a tracker of sorts.

Can you see what series you've read on fanfiction

For mobile users, the Fanfiction app provides a "Library" feature. Here, you can add stories you're reading, have read, or intend to read in the future. But, again, there's still no direct way to mark stories as having been 'read.'

Fanfiction Websites

While is the oldest, it's not the only fanfiction website. Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a popular alternative that provides a more robust tracking system. On AO3, readers can mark stories as 'read' and even leave private notes on them for future reference.

Many users also find AO3's tagging system more comprehensive, making it easier to find specific kinds of stories. This flexibility can help if you find yourself wanting to reread series you've enjoyed in the past.

Third-party Apps

A host of third-party apps like WattPad, and Inkitt, offer more intuitive interfaces specifically designed to enhance user experience. These include features like a Reading List, where you can keep track of what you've read, plan to read, and also curate your favorite fanfictions.

However, these apps typically only host content from their platforms, limiting the breadth of fanfiction available to their users. They may not host the specific universe, characters, or genre you are interested in.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions also offer solutions to the reading tracking problem. For instance, 'Fanfic Reader' extension for Google Chrome, offers a built-in bookmark system. This feature helps you keep track of where you leave off in any given story and which stories you have already read.

While this method might not be as streamlined as an app or integrated system, it's still a workable solution for those committed to keeping track of their fanfic reading habits.

Collaborative Platforms

Social platforms like Tumblr often host fanfiction content and discussions. They allow users to passively track their reading through likes, reblogs, and posts. Their interface is not specifically designed for reading, but if you're already an active Tumblr user, it may also serve as a fanfiction hub for you.

On Reddit, there are various subreddits dedicated to fanfiction of particular genres or franchises. Here, you might also track your reading by marking posts you've already viewed or saving posts of fics you want to read.

Reviews and Recommendations

Another way to keep track of what you've read is to leave reviews and engage with the community. This way, not only can you revisit fics you've commented on, but also engage in conversations about them. Engaging in discussions about fanfictions enables you to share your favorite reads, give feedback, and receive recommendations.

Leaving reviews not only helps authors grow and improve their works but also helps other readers discover new stories. If you're considerate and communicative with your reviews, you can become part of a thriving community that supports and uplifts each other’s creativity.

Q & A

1. Can I see what series I've read on
Unfortunately, does not have a specific feature to track the series you have read. You'll have to use tactics like favoriting stories or manually bookmarking them to remember.
2. What's the difference between and AO3?
Both are platforms for reading and publishing fanfics. However, AO3 offers more detailed tagging and tracking system, allowing users to mark stories as 'read' and leave private notes.
3. Are there any apps to track what I've read?
There are third-party apps like WattPad or Inkitt that incorporate user-friendly features like "Reading List" allowing you to track what you've read.


In a nutshell, while there's no direct way to see what series you've read on, there's an array of methods and alternatives to circumvent this. Whether it's through favoriting stories, apps, browser extensions, or engagement with the community, the power to track your reading lies in your hands. Remember, the growth and beauty of fanfictions lie in the readers' engagement. Hence, in whatever way you decide to track your reading, make sure it helps you engage, enjoy, and grow within the community.

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