Can you unblock someone on fanfiction


FanFiction (also known as FanFic) is a platform that allows fans to write stories (or "fics") about their favorite books, movies, TV series, video games, and more. As with any platform that thrives on social interaction, conflicts can arise leading users to block other users. But what happens when you've blocked someone and later decide to unblock them? Can it be done? In this article, we will explore the possibilities of unblocking someone on FanFiction.

Understanding The Concept of Blocking

Firstly, it's crucial to understand the concept of blocking on platforms like FanFiction. When you block someone, it means that you are preventing the individual from interacting with you. They can't send you messages, comment on your works, or participate in any way with your account. It's a step often taken to prevent harassment or negative interaction.

Can you unblock someone on fanfiction

The Direct User Block

On many social platforms, blocking is done directly from the user profile you wish to block. Unfortunately, FanFiction does not currently have this option. So, even if you have blocked someone, the option to then unblock them, using the same method, is not available.

The Indirect User Block

However, FanFiction does enable you to block users indirectly. This is done by blocking the messages from those users. Blocking or unblocking someone from this angle can be a bit complex as the option is not readily visible. Still, with a bit of searching, it can be done.

Unblocking Users Through Settings

Usually, unblocking can be done through your account settings. Here, you might see a blocked users' list, allowing you to directly manage who you have blocked. However, again, FanFiction falls short as it provides no such list under the user settings. So, unblocking through this channel is not possible.

Unblocking Requests To Support

Another common way to unblock is by contacting the platform's customer support. However, there is little information on whether FanFiction provides assistance for unblocking users. Even so, it might be worth a shot, but don't set your expectations too high.

Unblocking Through Repercussions

A blocked user faces many restrictions, but the repercussions seldom go beyond being unable to interact with you. If you feel the need to lift these repercussions, you could attempt to unblock the user, but the lack of a standard unblocking process could complicate it.

Round About Solutions

If you're desperate to unblock a user, you could always create a new account. While this is far from optimal and hardly practical, it is one surefire way to get around the issue.

Final Thoughts on FanFiction's Blocking System

If there's one thing clear, it's that FanFiction's blocking system leaves much to be desired. The inability to directly block and unblock users seems like quite the oversight for a social platform. This lack might be due to the site's primary focus on sharing and reading fan-created content, rather than its secondary social interaction features.


1. Can you unblock someone on FanFiction?
So far, there seems to be no direct way of unblocking someone on FanFiction.

2. Can I contact customer support to unblock someone on Fanfiction?
While you can try, there's limited information as to whether they would be able to assist.

3. Why would I need to unblock someone on FanFiction?
Reasons vary, but people often wish to reconnect, remedy a misclick, or feel that the person has "served their time."


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