Can you upload fanfiction on webtoon


Webtoon is a popular digital comic service launched by Naver, a South Korean online platform operated by Naver Corporation. It features a large collection of comic strips and webtoons created by various authors, with genres ranging from romance, thriller, fantasy, to comedy. Despite its remarkable collection, a pivotal question among fanfiction enthusiasts remains unanswered, can one upload fanfic on Webtoon? This article seeks to shed light on this concern by unpacking different aspects related to the same.

Understand Webtoon's Policy

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand Webtoon's policy. This popular platform has guide rules that clearly outline what can and can't be uploaded. While original content is highly encouraged, specific guidelines may influence the uploading of fanfiction. Therefore, before uploading your work, it's absolutely necessary to read these guidelines.

The Webtoon's policy clearly mentions that you can only upload content that you own or have the right to use. This throws a spanner in the works for enthusiastic fanfiction writers wanting to upload their stories. There may be copyright infringement concerns when uploading fanfiction stories relating to characters or stories owned by another author or corporation.

Can you upload fanfiction on webtoon

Respecting Copyright Rules

Understanding and respecting copyright rules is another aspect crucial to this conversation. Fanfiction plays in a grey area with regards to copyright law: while it's a creative endeavour, it is also based on pre-existing works that have copyright protection.

So, in the case of Webtoon, if you want to share a fanfiction piece, you have to be very careful about not infringing on the rights of the original creator. This can include using characters, settings, or plot points of the original work. The author of the original work has the right to request it to be taken down.

Originality is Encouraged

Webtoon encourages originality among its contributors. While there is room for adaptation and referencing, the platform's primary focus is on the creation and promotion of original content, from amateurs to pros. It offers a space for creators to showcase their originality and innovation in the comic storytelling format.

By strongly advocating for uniqueness, Webtoon ultimately aims to ward off plagiarism and copyright infringement, which runs rampant within the digital realm. Therefore, although fanfiction is not explicitly banned, it's not the most recommended form of contribution.

Fanfiction's Place Elsewhere

If you're an avid fanfiction author, don't lose heart. Fanfiction has a big following and its place in the digital world, though not necessarily on Webtoon. Social storytelling platforms like Wattpad and are more suitable for such content because they cater specifically to this genre.


In conclusion, while there isn't a straightforward answer to whether fanfiction can be uploaded on Webtoon, the best path would be to go through their policy and make sure your work aligns with their guidelines. Even if Webtoon isn't the ideal place for it, there are other platforms tailor-made for sharing your fanfiction work.


1. Can you publish fanfiction on Webtoon? While Webtoon does not explicitly forbid fanfiction, its guidelines demand respect for copyright laws. It means that unless you have the original creator's permission, you could infringe copyright laws by uploading fanfiction. 2. What kind of content can you upload to Webtoon? Webtoon encourages the uploading and sharing of original content. It thrives on genres including but not limited to romance, comedy, thriller, and fantasy. 3. Where can you upload fanfiction work, if not Webtoon? Platforms such as Wattpad and are more suitable for fanfiction work because these platforms cater specifically towards that genre.


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