Can you write fanfiction for yourself


With the evolution of digital creativity, fanfiction—user-generated stories inspired by popular books, movies, and TV shows—has become a popular outlet for budding writers. Over the years, fans have taken to crafting their own narratives, expanding the universe of their favorite characters and plotlines. So, is it possible to write fanfiction for yourself? Let's delve into the dynamics of fanfiction, the essence of writing, the mental benefits, and the relevant platforms to gain a well-rounded view of the subject.

1. The Concept of Fanfiction

Fanfiction's origin lies in the impulse of fans to explore 'what ifs' and 'maybes' that conventional narratives overlook. Fanfiction allows fans to play with established characters and settings, often creating a narrative that strays from the original storyline. So yes, by definition, you can write fanfiction for yourself—feeding your imagination, exploring different paths, and venturing into the 'could-be' world of your preferred narrative.

Can you write fanfiction for yourself

The beauty of fanfiction is underpinned by its democratic nature. The world of fanfiction invites you to expand the existing universe imaginatively and give it your distinct touch. And when you write fanfiction for yourself, it becomes a reflection of your personal interpretations and aspirations related to the original work.

2. The Essence of Writing

Writing, in itself, is a deeply personal act. Regardless of whether your work is published or kept private, the process of placing your thoughts onto paper is a reflection of your interior world. Writing fanfiction for yourself allows you to explore character feelings and reactions, polish your writing skills, and create a safe space where you can experiment with different writing techniques.

Moreover, when you start writing primarily for yourself, it can take away the pressure of meeting others' expectations. It allows you to be authentic in your expression and stay true to your vision of the story. In a way, it's a liberating experience that brings you closer to your writing.

3. Mental Benefits

Writing fanfiction for oneself can be therapeutic. It's an outlet to express personal emotions and experiences, albeit through the mask of fictional characters. The process of creating parallel storylines or concocting alternate endings can be cathartic, enabling you to reflect on life situations in a detached manner.

Research suggests that writing fiction might assist in developing empathy and problem-solving skills, as you step into the shoes of various characters. Furthermore, writing consistently can serve as mindfulness practice, helping you to stay present and maintain mental health.

4. Relevant Platforms

Many online platforms provide a space for fanfiction writers to share their pieces. Sites like AO3 (Archive of Our Own), Wattpad, and host millions of works across various genres. But, for those who prefer to write for themselves, these platforms also offer the option to keep your stories private, allowing you to use them as a personal workspace.

Wattpad emphasizes connectivity and social networking, making it easier for readers to discover new stories. Both AO3 and are more author-focused, offering detailed tagging and categorizing options. While each platform has its unique features, the decision ultimately depends on what you are looking for as a writer.


Q: Can fanfiction be considered real writing? A: Absolutely. Fanfiction involves all the elements of traditional writing—character development, plot construction, setting descriptions and narrative style.

Q: Can I publish fanfiction I write? A: Yes, you can publish your fanfiction on various platforms. However, since it's based on someone else's original creation, there might be copyright issues if you attempt to make money from it.

Q: How can I improve at writing fanfiction? A: Reading widely, both fanfiction and original works, can give you a sense of different writing styles and techniques. It's also crucial to practice regularly, experiment with different scenarios, and seek feedback from fellow writers.


In conclusion, writing fanfiction for oneself is an enriching journey that invites self-exploration through the creative process. It sparks curiosity, fosters empathy, and serves as a sanctuary for writers to nurture their craft. Whether you share your work or keep it private, the act of writing fanfiction stirs the imagination and celebrates fan culture.

Remember, the charm of fanfiction lies in its ability to tell untold stories, and who better than you to be both the storyteller and listener of your narrative!


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