Can't be your friend twilight fanfiction


This Twilight fanfiction story, entitled 'Can't Be Your Friend', gives a unique spin on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It delves into the intricate details of secrets, unrequited love, and friendships that are tested through time and circumstance. Throughout the fifteen facets of this story, we witness the complexity of relationships and the strength of bonds that keep protagonists Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from falling apart.

Writing Style

The author has a distinct style that is reminiscent of the original series �peppered with intricate detail, emotion, and sarcasm. This is not merely fan fiction, it is an elaboration of the author's understanding of the Twilight universe, giving more depth to each character and adding to the overall complexity of the plot.

Can't be your friend twilight fanfiction

The dialogue is also brilliantly executed. Characters sound like their book counterparts and maintain the same mannerisms that fans have grown to love. The author realistically portrays daily conversations and banter, whilst strategically incorporating the necessary plot details to keep the story flowing.


'Can't Be Your Friend' is written in first person perspective. It effortlessly switches between the points of view of Bella and Edward, offering a deeper understanding of their characters and how they view the world and each other. Without compromising the plot, the author is able to provide a more in-depth portrayal of each character's thoughts, feelings, and motivations throughout the story.

This narrative style encourages readers to empathize more with the characters and their struggles. It gives them the opportunity to relate to the characters and understand their actions and reactions in a way that third-person narrative may not quite achieve.

Character Development

One of the major strengths of this fanfiction is the character development. Even though the characters are already well established in the original series, the author does an amazing job further developing their arcs, specifically Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

We see Edward evolve from being a quiet character with a secret to a more open and expressive person. Bella, on the other hand, grows from the shy, new girl into a strong woman with more self-confidence. Lastly, we witness the mature development of Jacob as he navigates through his feelings for Bella and his responsibility to the wolfpack.


The story's plot maintains the original premise of Twilight, yet adds numerous twists and turns that engage the readers and keep them hooked. The main plot focuses on Bella’s mental and emotional journey as she discovers the world of vampires and werewolves, grapples with her feelings for Edward, and the consequent love triangle with Jacob.

Various subplots complement the story without distracting from the main narrative. Flashbacks are also effectively used to highlight certain incidents from the past to support the present storyline. The plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with its hints of romance, heartbreak, and suspense.

Use of

The story is posted on the site, a platform where fans and aspiring authors can share their fan-made alternate universes. The site offers a solid user interface with options for users to change font size, line spacing, and background color to suit personal preferences.

The author actively utilizes the platform's review and messaging features to interact with readers. Regular updates are also provided to keep the audience engaged. Overall, using has allowed the author to reach a wider audience and receive an immense amount of feedback.


'Can't Be Your Friend' provides a riveting extension of the Twilight universe, maintaining the essence of the original while bringing fresh, distinct perspectives and ideas. An incredible read for Twi-hards, and even those unfamiliar with the series. The author’s precision in maintaining the character's original personalities while giving them new depths makes for a must-read Twilight fanfiction.


Q: Is 'Can't Be Your Friend' a stand-alone story? A: Yes, it can be read independent of the Twilight series, though having familiarity with the original series would enhance the reading experience.

Q: Is there a rating or age limit for reading 'Can't Be Your Friend'? A: Like all fanfictions on, 'Can't Be Your Friend' has a rating. It is rated T (teens), which means it is suitable for readers aged 13 and above.

Q: Does have an app? A: No, as of now doesn't have an official app. However, they have a mobile-friendly site which works similarly to the desktop version.

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