Can't copy text from

2024-04-10 is one of the largest and oldest fanfiction websites on the internet, hosting millions of stories from thousands of fandoms since its launch in 1998. Despite its popularity and extensive library, a concern often faced by users is the inability to copy text from stories.

The Reason

This feature, or rather the lack thereof, is not caused by a glitch or error on's platform. On the contrary, it is a deliberate move by the website administrators to protect the copyrights of the writers who share their work on the platform. This is a decision that has been in place since the early 2000s, despite criticism and requests for change from a portion of its user base. The website claims that this function helps to deter plagiarism and protect the original content of its writers.

Can't copy text from

Users' Stance

Many users of appreciate this feature as it stands to protect their work from being stolen or copied without their consent. They argue that it helps maintain the integrity of the community and promotes respect for individual creativity. However, others wish that the website would allow text copying for the purpose of convenience, such as for offline reading or quick quotations in reviews or discussions.

The Controversy

This decision has instigated controversy among the users and visitors of the website. One school of thought asserts that fanfiction, by definition, is a form of copyright infringement since it's based off copyrighted material. By this argument,'s stance on preventing text copying is considered ironic. However, an opposing viewpoint promotes the idea that fanfiction is a transformative work, hence original and protected by law against unauthorized replication.

Quoting for Reviews

Despite the no text copying policy, reviewers or anyone wishing to quote a part of a story for critiques or discussions may do so. The website includes this feature in the reviewing section. This, however, does not overrule the no copy policy that exists outside of reviews.

Website vs. App

The website and app have different interfaces and capabilities. The website's viewing format is broader and includes more categories for browsing. However, the app is more portable and allows downloaded stories for offline reading. Regardless of these differences, the no text copying policy remains consistent. That being said, some app versions are claimed by users to have glitches that allow text copying.


There are numerous fanfiction hosting websites, like Wattpad and Archive of Our Own (AO3), which allow text copying, thereby enabling offline reading, easy quoting, and translations. Some users prefer these platforms over because of these functions. Naturally, these websites still employ measures to protect against plagiarism to maintain a balance between convenience and content protection.


While the decision to disable the text copying feature on has been a topic of discussion for almost two decades, it continues to be a key feature of the platform synonymous with its strong stance toward content protection. The policy is a testament to the importance places on safeguarding the intellectual property of its users.


Q: Why can't I copy text from
A: It's a feature implemented by to prevent plagiarism and protect the copyright of its authors.
Q: Can I quote from a story in my review?
A: Yes, allows users to quote from stories within the site's review feature.
Q: Are there similar sites that allow text copying?
A: Yes, other fanfiction sites, like Wattpad and Archive of Our Own (AO3), allow text copying.

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