Can't stay away fanfiction


Can’t Stay Away is an entrancing new world in the realm of fanfiction. Its popularity has surged due to its unique premise and multi-layered characters. In this piece of fanfiction, we delve into the fascinating world of Can’t Stay Away, exploring its creation, character development, plot twists and turns, and its impact on the fanfiction community.

Origins of Can’t Stay Away

Can’t Stay Away was published in 2020 by an anonymous author using the alias ColourfulMystery. The story started as a simple writing project to de-stress; features that gained it wide popularity in the fanfiction community. Since then, the fanfiction has received over a million views and counting.

Can't stay away fanfiction

The idea behind Can’t Stay Away revolves around the quirky interaction and emotional roller-coaster between the protagonist and the support characters. The settings and themes are relatable, undeniably striking a chord with many readers.

The Protagonist

The protagonist of Can’t Stay Away is adored for her complexity in character and resilience towards life's adversities. A normal teenager by day and a vigilante by night, her life is anything but ordinary.

Her duality speaks volumes about our dreams, our fantasies, and the masks we wear in society. This character portrays how the extraordinariness of life lies in being an ordinary person with an extraordinary heart.

Side Characters

One cannot ignore the importance of side characters, which provide emotional and practical support to the main character and who are equally complex and intriguing. Each of these characters has a backstory that syncs perfectly with the main plot, and whose evolution is a journey in itself.

From family to friends to antagonist, these characters offer significant insights into the protagonist's life and her course of actions. They provide balance in storytelling and keep readers engaged.

Plot of Can’t Stay Away

The plot of Can’t Stay Away flows smoothly, accentuated with unexpected twists and turns. It is well-planned, gripping, emotional, and fun all at once.

The rising conflict, prolonged tension, unexpected resolutions, and profound character arcs make Can't Stay Away an engaging read for fans worldwide.


ColourfulMystery’s writing style plays a significant role in the popularity of Can’t Stay Away. Their writing is marked by enthralling narrative techniques such as flashbacks, dream sequences, and mysterious cliffhangers.

The language used, though simple, is full of vivid descriptions, realistic dialogues, and emotional revelations. It's these elements that keep readers hooked till the last word.

Community Impact

Can’t Stay Away has not just been a popular read but a stimulant that brought forth numerous fan art, cosplays, and discussions around fan theories. The fanfiction community has been extraordinarily supportive and receptive to this story.

Fans around the globe interact on platforms like Tumblr, Reddit, and various fanfiction sites to share interpretations and engage on a deeper level with the story. It’s refreshing to see this kind of unity strengthened by a beautiful piece of writing.


Can’t Stay Away displays the beautiful art of storytelling while resonating with readers' emotional chords. It reminds us of the potential that fanfiction holds in the literary world, proving that amateur writers can make a difference and connect people worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Can't Stay Away available to read online for free?

A1. Yes, it is available freely on various fanfiction websites.

Q2. Who is the author of Can't Stay Away?

A2. The author uses the alias ColourfulMystery online.

Q3. Are there any sequels to Can't Stay Away?

A3. As of now, there’s no direct sequel, but there are spin-offs created by fans inspired by the story.


2. Reddit discussion threads: Can't Stay Away.

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