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De-aged fanfiction, a popular sub-genre in the fanfic community, is a type of fanfic where characters are regressed in age, often forcefully or magically. The plots typically revolve around the younger version of the character interacting with others from the canonical narrative universe. This de-aging of characters opens up a wide range of possible plot lines and emotional explorations. In this article, we'll examine several key aspects of this fascinating genre.

The Concept of De-Aging

De-aging is more than just making a character physically younger. It often involves reverting their mental state to match their new age as well. This can result in drastic changes to the character’s personality and behaviour, offering fresh perspectives on familiar characters.

De aged fanfiction

It can also force characters to confront aspects of their past or personal growth. In short, de-aging offers a cleverly packaged examination into the core of a character’s identity and past experiences.

Character Dynamics in De-Aged Fanfiction

De-aged fanfiction offers unique ways for characters to interact. These scenarios often dramatically alter relationship dynamics. A character who was once a leader or a mentor could be in a vulnerable position where they rely on others for care and protection. This reversal of roles can lead to high emotional stakes, amplifying readers�engagement.

It also presents opportunities to explore familial themes. A team member having to take care of a de-aged colleague opens avenues for a surrogate parental role and deeper bonds. Characters can also find themselves confronting feelings they weren’t aware of before, which can be seen as character development on turbo speed.

A Platform to Explore Childhood Trauma

De-aged fanfiction becomes a particularly potent tool for delving into childhood trauma narratives. If a character has a troubled past, de-aging them can allow for emotional exploration and character study. This can lead to graphic and intense storytelling, showcasing hard realities and complexities of life.

These stories can also highlight how the character has grown and matured over the years, showing how they respond differently to similar situations as their older self. The treatment of childhood trauma can resonate profoundly with readers, providing catharsis and elevation to the narrative.

De-Aging and Canon Universe

The use of de-aging often deviates significantly from a story's canon universe. But creative authors incorporate this concept while staying true to the nature of characters. Although necessarily temporal, de-aging can have lasting impacts on characters, changing the canon universe from that point onwards.

Respectful divergence from the canon is highly appreciated in the fanfic community. When done right, de-aged fanfiction can provide an enriched perspective of beloved characters, adding depth and new layers of understanding to their personalities and relationships.

De-Aging and Humour

Humour is another common element in de-aged fanfiction. De-aging can lead to amusing situations—characters grappling with tantrums, newly formed language barriers or lurking insecurities hidden beneath a grown-up veneer.

Humour in de-aged fanfiction acts as an antidote to potentially heavy emotional narratives. It also adds to the overall appeal of the story, reinforcing the 'human' side of characters, thereby presenting a balanced depiction between joy and struggle.

Fanfiction Websites �AO3 and FanFiction.Net

Archive of Our Own (AO3) and FanFiction.Net are two popular platforms where you can find de-aged fanfiction. Both platforms support a wide range of fandoms and genres, with user-friendly interfaces and a robust tagging system.

While both websites serve the same purpose, AO3 is known for its more flexible and specific tagging system, making it easier to find niche genres like de-aged fanfiction. It also allows for higher graphic content and controversial themes compared to FanFiction.Net.

Meanwhile, FanFiction.Net has a larger collection due to its existence long before AO3. However, it's less preferred due to its restricted content policy and less comprehensive tagging system.


De-aged fanfiction, in its essence, is a deep dive into character study, exploring what makes a character tick. Often filled with emotion, humour, and comprehensive character dynamics, this genre is an excellent example of creativity and narrative exploration in the fanfic community.


Q: What other websites can I find de-aged fanfiction on? A: Other than AO3 and FanFiction.Net, you can find de-aged fanfiction on platforms like Tumblr, Dreamwidth or Wattpad.

Q: Does all de-aged fanfiction include childhood trauma? A: No, it depends on the writer's intended direction of the story. While exploring childhood trauma is common, not all de-aged fanfiction revolves around this concept.

Q: Is humorous de-aged fanfiction less emotionally impactful? A: No, humour often acts as comic relief, counterbalancing the emotional intensity and enhancing the overall narrative experience.

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