Did naruto start as dbz fanfiction


Is it true that the globally popularised manga series ‚ÄúNaruto‚Ä? penned down by Masashi Kishimoto, began as a "Dragon Ball Z" fanfiction? An enticing question! This topic now and then crests waves in the anime fandom, triggering heated debates. To quell this matter once and for all, we‚Äôre going to delve into the details from every facet of this intriguing question.

Personal Influence of The Creators

One cannot talk about Naruto without mentioning its creator, Masashi Kishimoto. In multiple interviews, he identified ‚ÄúAkira Toriyama,‚Ä?the creator of Dragon Ball Z, as one of his considerable influences. This admiration may have reflected in his work, but to conclude that Naruto was derived from DBZ fanfiction could be a stretch.

Did naruto start as dbz fanfiction

Analyzing Storylines

Unquestionably, there are some parallels between Naruto and DBZ; however, this can be attributed to the common tropes omnipresent in Shonen manga/anime. Both have fascinating narratives of protagonists constantly overcoming obstacles and villains, while their power scales up miracles. Still, the plot's overall structure differs significantly, making Naruto more than just a DBZ fanfic.

Character Development

The two series also hold distinctive characters and character development. Naruto offers intricate depth to its characters, delving into their motivations, backgrounds and personal struggles. In stark contrast, DBZ focuses more on the combat aspect and power development.

The heroes of both series, Goku and Naruto, despite sharing the undying determination to protect their friends and loved ones, differ significantly in their journeys, motivations and personalities.

Addressing Similarities

No one can disagree on the fact that several themes, concepts and even scenes in Naruto give us serious DBZ vibes. DBZ significantly impacted the Shōnen genre. The influence can be seen in many series, Naruto being one of them. But whether these similarities qualify Naruto as DBZ fanfiction is rather subjective.

Themes and Lessons

Substantially, Naruto and DBZ provide audiences with different themes and lessons. Naruto centres on themes like destiny, friendship, hardship, and achieving one's dreams despite all odds, while DBZ primarily focuses on the typical good versus evil narrative, strength and personal growth.

The Producers and Distributors

Further rebuffing the claim, distribution and production of these two series are managed by different companies, which would make it incredibly unlikely for one series to be a fanfiction of the other legally and professionally.

Fan-Made "Crossovers"

Interestingly, there have been numerous fan-made "crossovers" between DBZ and Naruto due to their popularity. It's essential to differentiate these fanmade works from the actual series and their creator's intentions.

Discerning Fanfiction

Lastly, it’s crucial to understand what qualifies a series as fanfiction? Traditionally fanfiction involves characters, settings or plotlines developed by fans of the original work, not the original author. Given that Kishimoto, not a DBZ fan, authored Naruto, the fanfiction argument weakens considerably.

Common Questions

Q: Did Masashi Kishimoto ever confirm Naruto started as a DBZ fanfic?
A: No, Masashi Kishimoto has never stated that Naruto began as a Dragon Ball Z fanfiction. His admiration for the DBZ series is well-known, but it's not the same thing as having started Naruto as DBZ fanfiction.

Q: Does Naruto have similar themes to DBZ?
A: Yes, Naruto and DBZ do have a couple of common Shonen themes, such as the persistence to never give up, the value of friendship, and the journey of growing stronger. Nevertheless, Naruto also explores other themes.

Q: Can a popular manga series be considered as a fanfiction of another series?
A: Not necessarily. While fanfiction often appropriates characters, settings or plotlines from an original work, a work becomes fanfiction if it’s created by fans, not the original author.


In conclusion, while Naruto does share elements with DBZ and Masashi Kishimoto acknowledges Akira Toriyama as a significant influence, it doesn't confirm that Naruto started as a DBZ fanfiction. Similar elements can be attributed to the common themes used in Shonen manga. Plus, it's essential to remember that Naruto has indeed carved its unique identity in the Manga and Anime world that stands a mutual existence with the Dragon Ball series.


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