Did olivie blake write fanfiction


Olivie Blake is known extensively as a successful author with a thrilling array of romance and fantasy novels under her belt. With a unique and delightful writing style that keeps readers hooked till the last page, she has certainly carved a niche for herself in the literary world. Anyway, this raises a question, Did Olivie Blake write fanfiction?

Early Introduction to Fanfiction

Following Olivie Blake closely, one would realize that fanfiction wasn't necessarily strange territory to her. Like most authors of this age, Blake had her first taste of writing while indulging in the world of fanfiction. This was not just a way to escape but formed a veritable breeding ground for honing her writing skills.

Did olivie blake write fanfiction

She would take popular characters from famous works and weave her intricate narratives around them. She did this as a way to challenge her creativity, test her versatility, and break new grounds in diverse themes and styles of writing.

Fanfiction Contribution

Her contributions to fanfiction have added an exciting flavor to the mix and have been well appreciated by fans. She demonstrated imagination and ingenuity, and her works were lauded for their narrative structure and innovative interpretation of classic characters.

Blake's early fanfiction works are still loved and enjoyed today, earning her a loyal fanbase even before her rise to traditional publishing.

The Influence of Fanfiction on Her Later Works

Undeniably, her foray into fanfiction has significantly influenced Blake's later works. The influence can be noticed in the way she develops her characters, plots, and themes. There's also a sense of freedom and experimentation allowed by fanfiction that also weave into her full-blown novels.

For instance, the intense emotions, complexities, and intricate relationships that are a key aspect of fanfiction echo in Blake's work, making her novels palpitate with genuine feelings and emotions.

Fanfiction Platforms and Blake

Olivie Blake began her journey into writing through notable fanfiction platforms like and Archive of Our Own. These platforms gave her the exposure and freedom to explore her writing within a community of like-minded authors and readers.

These platforms also helped her generate early feedback and reviews, which were greatly beneficial in polishing and improving her skills, preparing her for the realization of her dreams of traditional publishing.

Transition From Fanfiction to Original Content

Blake's transition from fanfiction to writing her own original content has been seamless and commendable. Venturing into the world of original novels, she took the best aspects of her fanfiction roots and has applied them to her own, original works.

She demonstrates the same levels of character development, immersive world-building, and emotionally charged narratives that were hallmarks of her fanfiction work.

Evidence in Her Novels

Fans and readers of Blake, especially those who followed her from her fanfiction days, will notice familiar elements in her novels. They would see tidbits and references that can only come from the mind of an experienced fanfiction author.

These elements give a hint of the creative grooming ground of fanfiction, which she once indulged in greatly. They are the subtle signs that she once walked the hallways of this creative subset of literature as passionately as she now strides the world of traditional publishing.


Olivie Blake, in her writing journey, has touched various aspects of narratives and evolved into a refined author. And yes, she wrote fanfiction �an experience that has played an undeniable role in shaping the author that we see today.


Q: Did Olivie Blake write fanfiction?
A: Yes, in her writing journey, Olivie Blake experimented with various themes and narratives, including fanfiction. Q: How has fanfiction influenced her original works?
A: Fanfiction has influenced Blake's original works in the way she develops her characters, plots, and themes. Some elements reminiscent of her fanfiction roots can be seen in her novels. Q: Where did Olivie Blake post her fanfiction works?
A: Blake posted her fanfiction works on platforms like and Archive of Our Own. Q: Did she transition smoothly from fanfiction to original content?
A: Yes, Blake's transition from fanfiction to writing her own original content has been commendable. She presents the same levels of character development and emotionally charged narratives prevalent in her fanfiction work.


Unfortunately, due to privacy and copyright reasons, specific examples of fanfiction by Olivie Blake are not available. However, the role of fanfiction in her writing journey is widely acknowledged and discussed among literary circles and fans.

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