Do i look like a bottom fanfiction


You might have heard of 'top' or 'bottom' in reference to certain orientations in the LGBTQ+ community. But have you ever heard of a 'Bottom Fanfiction'? This terminology might seem surprising, confusing, or even amusing, depending on one's familiarity with the fanfiction universe. Here we delve deep into this intriguing context from various perspectives to answer the question 'Do I look like a bottom?'

The Term 'Bottom'

The term 'bottom' in this context references sexual roles within male same-sex relationships. It is derived from a slang phrase used primarily in the gay community to talk about who assumes the receptive role during sexual activity. In fanfictions, 'bottom' and 'top' are frequently used to describe the submissive and dominant roles in relationships depicted in these writings.

Do i look like a bottom fanfiction

'Bottom Fanfiction'

'Bottom Fanfiction' is a sector of fanfiction that focuses on exploring narratives and relationships with characters depicted as 'bottoms'. These fanfictions can involve characters from movies, TV shows, anime, manga, and other pop culture sources. It highlights the dynamic of these relationships while poking into the various aspects of the characters' personalities.

App: Archive of Our Own (AO3)

Recognized as one of the most preferential sites for 'Bottom Fanfiction', Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, and noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks. It's a platform where fans can post fanfictions, art, or podcasts. AO3 is particularly known for its wide variety of tags, one of which includes 'Bottom'.

One distinctive edge that AO3 holds over other fanfic platforms is its 'Specific Tag' feature. It not only ensures fanfictions with detailed categories but also helps readers find exactly what they're looking for. Moreover, the site takes pride in its inclusive and diverse representation of narratives. Therefore you can find an extraordinary number of 'bottom' themed fanfictions here.

Stereotypes and Bias

'Bottom Fanfiction' is abundant with stereotypes and biases, especially when it comes to assigning roles based on external appearances. It can be problematic as it might reinforce certain cliched ideas. For instance, the assumption that a certain character 'looks like a bottom' based on their perceived femininity can arise in fanfictions.

However, these fanfics do provide an opportunity for discussion and improvement. Fans sometimes incorporate their narratives or experiences countering these stereotypes, giving rise to more positive portrayals.

Why 'Do I Look Like a Bottom'?

The phrase 'Do I look like a bottom?' comes not only as a tool of self-questioning but also as a challenge against stereotypical assumptions. It draws attention to the issue of prejudgments and biases mirrored in fanfic narratives. This term has grown in popularity due to its subjectivity and the discussion it invites in the fanfic community.

Tales of Romance

'Bottom Fanfiction' also provides the setting for enchanting tales of romance. Here, the characterization and the dynamics between the characters mainly counts. More than focusing on who 'tops' or 'bottoms', the essence lies in the depicted romance, chemistry, and emotional depth.


'Bottom Fanfiction', despite its drawbacks and controversies, continues to be an engaging field of exploration for fanfic enthusiasts. It provides room for interpretation, discussion, and even subverting traditional roles, and so it's more than characters just looking like bottoms.

Common Questions

Q: What is 'Bottom Fanfiction'?
A: It is a sector of fanfiction that focuses on exploring narratives and relationships with characters depicted as 'bottoms'.

Q: Where can I find 'Bottom Fanfiction'?
A: Platforms like Archive of Our Own (AO3) have a wide array of 'Bottom Fanfictions'.

Q: What does 'Do I look like a bottom?' signify?
A: It is a self-questioning term challenging stereotypical assumptions and drawing attention to prejudgments and biases.


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