Do min joon and cheon song yi fanfiction


I. Setting the Stage

The story picks up where 'My Love From Another Star' left off. Do Min Joon, an alien who had landed in South Korea during the Joseon Dynasty, had fallen head over heels for the immensely charismatic Cheon Song Yi, a popular actress. Before the series ended, Min Joon disappeared suddenly without a trace, leaving Song Yi heartbroken.

Our fanfiction tale begins there, with Song Yi now thriving as an A-list actress but still longing for the otherworldly lover she lost. Meanwhile, Min Joon finds himself back in outer space, working to find his way back to Earth and the woman he loves.

Do min joon and cheon song yi fanfiction

II. The Plot

The story weaves through complexities, with Song Yi taking up new acting projects that oddly resemble her own reality, her still unexplored feelings for Min Joon, and the mysteries surrounding his disappearance. Min Joon, on the other hand, must navigate through intergalactic politics and risks to find a way back to Earth.

III. Website and App Involvement

To integrate modern technology, we've imagined the characters using apps such as "Stargaze", an app to view and study celestial bodies and events from anywhere. This serves as Min Joon's platform to send Song Yi encrypted messages to let her know he's safe and trying to come back.

"Stargaze", in reality, is an incredible tool for celestial enthusiasts, offering interactive and detailed images and data of galaxies, stars, and planets. It has top user ratings for space exploration.

IV. Expanding Characters

In this iteration, readers also get to see more of Yoo Se-mi, Song Yi's best friend and a successful actress herself. She becomes Song Yi's rock during her heartbreak, unwittingly getting entangled in the celestial world as she attempts to decypher Min Joon's coded messages.

V. The Romance Rekindled

As the story progresses, the hidden messages in the stars facilitate a star-crossed connection between Min Joon and Song Yi. They both express their longing and start rekindling their love. Min Joon makes his return after overcoming obstacles and reuniting with his love in a truly grand and starry style. It's all written to be equal parts breathtaking, agonizing, and heart-warming love story.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this fanfiction continue the original storyline from "My Love from Another Star?" - This fanfiction does start where the series ended and builds upon the original storyline, but it involves fan-based theories and independent character development.

2. Does the story flow interact with the Stargaze app? - Yes, it does. Stargaze is a real app that features heavily in the story as a medium of communication between the two main characters.

3. Is the fanfiction completed? - The fanfiction, at present, is ongoing and does not have a definitive ending.


*Character profiling inspired by original characters from "My Love From Another Star" by Park Ji-eun

*Application feature descriptions based on real-time functioning of "Stargaze app"

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