Do not make dragon slayers mate sad fanfiction


Natsu Dragneel, the Dragon Slayer, was always animated and cheerful, ready to take up new adventures. But lately, something seemed to have changed. He seemed distracted, his eyes dull, and his magic lacked its usual luster. It turns out, he has been feeling down because he believes that he's been unable to protect Lucy Heartfilia, the person closest to him, enough.

The Fairy Tail guild members noted this change in his demeanor and decided to address it. Their decision was unanimous: they had to help Natsu overcome this sorrow. However, they knew that cheering him up wouldn't be easy. They needed a plan.

Do not make dragon slayers mate sad fanfiction

Chapter 2: The Grand Idea

Erza Scarlet, the Guild's S Class Mage, came up with a scheme. She proposed that they use the Guild's very own social networking app, the 'Fairy Connect'. It was a uniquely designed platform for the members of the Fairy Tail guild to communicate, organize events, exchange information about quests and monsters. They decided to create an event that would reflect Natsu's love for adventure, and more importantly, assure him that he's not alone.

'Fairy Connect' was chosen due to its easy navigation, real-time updates, and most importantly, its ability to rally the members quickly. It also allowed them to keep the whole plan a secret, thanks to the app's encrypted privacy features.

Chapter 3: Operation Cheer-Up

Using 'Fairy Connect', the guild members set up a series of quests and challenges, spread all over Fiore - they called it 'Operation Dragon Slayer'. Each mission had clues and riddles that led Natsu on an adventure he couldn’t resist. But more importantly, each mission echoed the sentiment that they believed in him and his ability to protect the ones he loves.

The well-planned adventure reminded Natsu of his bond with the guild. He realized how important he was to them, not just as a Dragon Slayer, but as a friend and comrade. This adventurous journey began to uplift his spirit.

Chapter 4: The Final Showdown

The final mission led Natsu to Magnolia, where a 'mock-battle' was staged. Despite knowing it was a set-up, Natsu couldn't help but get excited seeing a giant animatronic dragon. The adrenaline rush and the feeling of familiarity helped him gain his lost charm and cheer.

As he celebrated his victory over the faux dragon, he saw his fellow guild members erupt into cheers. Seeing their smiling faces, Natsu felt a sense of belonging, assuring him that he was never alone in his battles.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

Through 'Operation Dragon Slayer', the Fairy Tail guild not only brought back Natsu's usual energy and cheer but also reassured him of their trust in his abilities. It also strengthened their bond as a guild, proving that they would always be there for each other, no matter what.

This heartening adventure just goes to prove that no matter how tough things get, you're never alone as long as you have your friends - a robust notion that thoroughly rules the magic world of Fairy Tail.


Q: What is Fairy Connect?
A: Fairy Connect is a social networking app specifically designed for the Fairy Tail guild members to communicate and share information about their adventures.

Q: Why was Fairy Connect used in this plan?
A: Fairy Connect was chosen due to its real-time updates, easy navigation, ability to rally the members quickly, and encrypted privacy features.

Q: How did the adventures help Natsu?
A: The adventures reminded Natsu of his bond with the guild and assured his worth to them. It also helped instill a sense of belonging and convinced him that he was not alone in his battles.


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