Does darth vader find out leia is his daughter fanfiction


In the vast expanse of the Star Wars galaxy, secrets are often hidden amongst the stars. One of the many intriguing facets of the iconic franchise is the complicated family dynamic that exists between its main characters, namely, Darth Vader, his daughter Princess Leia, and his son, Luke Skywalker. Although in the canonical Star Wars series, Vader discovers that Luke is his son, the revelation about Leia's true parentage never explicitly occurs. In this fanfiction piece, we explore an alternative universe where Darth Vader does discover that Leia is his daughter much earlier.


Our story is set in the heart of the Galactic Empire, on the formidable Death Star. Darth Vader, alongside the Emperor, is at the zenith of his power. Leia, the rebellious princess of Alderaan, is leading the charge within the nascent Rebel Alliance. Their paths intersect when Leia is captured by Imperial forces. The story hinges on key moments in both their lives, delicately reimagined to facilitate the revelation of their familial connection.

Does darth vader find out leia is his daughter fanfiction

The Capture

The curtain raiser to this tale is Leia's capture. The Imperial forces apprehend her for her affiliation with the Rebel Alliance. Brought before Vader, she stands with a defiant spirit, undeterred by the man many deem to be the embodiment of evil. This fascinates Vader who sees echoes of his own younger, rebellious self in her.

The Interrogation

Darth Vader takes up the responsibility of interrogating Leia himself. During their exchange, he digs deeper into Leia's origins and her motivations, trying to draw parallels with his own life. The interrogation is emotionally-charged, revealing vulnerability in both characters. Vader, initially dismissing any possibility of kinship, starts to wrestle with the inexplicable bond he begins to feel for Leia.

The Revelation

As the narrative progresses, we delve into Vader's inner thought process that leads him to suspect his relationship with Leia. After a series of events, including a shared vision through the force, he arrives at the shocking revelation - Leia is his daughter! This comes as a massive shock, causing Vader to question his loyalty towards the Emperor and the dark side of the force, potentially drastically altering the course of events in the galaxy.

The Struggle

Vader's struggle following his revelation is portrayed in depth. The audience witnesses a stark transformation in his character as he grapples with his newly discovered familial feelings. Meanwhile, Leia, oblivious to Vader's revelation, continues her fight against the Empire, adding to his inner turmoil.

The Announcement

The climax of the fictitious story revolves around an emotionally-fraught confrontation between Vader and Leia, where Vader reveals their kinship. This pivotal moment redefines their relationship, setting the stage for a climactic showdown with the Emperor.

The Aftermath

Post-revelation, their relationship undergoes a radical transformation. The ending offers numerous possibilities for further exploration of this alternative Star Wars universe, leaving the audience in anticipation of further developments.

Q & A

Q: How does Vader's realization about Leia’s parentage change their relationship? A: Vader's revelation complicates their relationship, creating conflicting emotions and motivations for both characters.

Q: What results from the climactic showdown with the Emperor? A: The fanfiction leaves this purposely ambiguous to allow readers to create their own conclusions based on the presented character dynamics.

Q: How faithful is the fanfiction to the original Star Wars canon? A: The fanfiction maintains some aspects of the original series, but changes key plot points to give rise to an alternative universe.


This fanfiction explores an alternative reality in the Star Wars universe. By delving into an unexplored storyline involving Darth Vader and Leia's relationship, it provides fans with a fresh perspective on these beloved characters. The story is an intriguing "what if" scenario that will surely add depth to the Star Wars mythology and spark thought-provoking discussions among fans.

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