Does fanfiction list the people who have liked their stories


Fanfiction, a platform where fans and writers alike share stories based upon their loved movies, television shows, video games, books, and more, has continued to grow in popularity and influence. However, a somewhat ambiguous zone remains regarding the feature of listing the people who have liked their stories. This article aims to shed light on this aspect. It seeks to explore whether or not Fanfiction lists people who have appreciated the stories, and if yes, how that works.

The Basic Description of Fanfiction, commonly shortened to FanFic, is an automated fan fiction archive site. It allows individuals who register as members to submit stories of various genres based on numerous different fandoms. Stories submitted to the site are not formally reviewed or edited. Instead, they are made instantly available for others to read.

Does fanfiction list the people who have liked their stories

Due to the open-ended nature of the site, it maintains a vibrant community, which contributes to the lively discussions, critiques, and fandom exploration at the heart of FanFiction. The site offers features that allow readers to favourite, follow, and review stories, but does it list those who have liked the stories?

Listing Likes on Fanfiction: An Overview

Fanfiction, unlike social media platforms, does not operate the same 'Like' system. Meaning, when a reader enjoys a story, their options are more interactive. They can 'Favourite' the story, which is different from merely liking it. It indicates a very significant appreciation for the work and is often used by readers to keep track of a story they wish to go back to.

When it comes to displaying those favourites, FanFiction does list them, but not in the same way that Facebook or Twitter might list the names of people who liked a post. Instead, it presents the total number of readers who have added the story to their favourites. In other words, it provides a like count but does not publicize the identities of likers.

The Logic Behind this Design

The structure of Fanfiction is designed to value reader privacy and decrease unnecessary social pressure. By not listing the users who have liked or favourited a story, Fanfiction allows its users to interact with the content without any reservation or concern about their choices being visible to others.

Additionally, this design prevents the stories from being a popularity contest. By focusing on the total number of likes and not showcasing individual likers, the quality of the story remains the main emphasis, not who particularly likes it.

Personal Messaging and Feedback

Although Fanfiction does not list the names of the people who have liked a story, there still exists a way for enthusiasts to communicate their admiration for a story or author. Fanfiction allows personal messages, which let users send private feedback, compliments, or constructive criticism to the authors.

Through this feature, authors can receive personal and meaningful feedback that can support their writing techniques and storytelling abilities. Moreover, it enables like-minded individuals to connect and engage in conversations about their shared interests.

Alternatives for Expressing Appreciation

Fanfiction provides several ways for readers to express their appreciation and engage with the community. Apart from favouriting a story, users can also 'follow' a story or author. When users follow an author or story, they receive notifications whenever the author publishes a new chapter or story.

Besides, users can also critique and rate the stories. Leaving reviews not only provides the author with useful feedback but also allows the reader to express their thoughts and opinions openly. All these features allow for a deeper, richer interaction between the user and the content, beyond an uncomplicated 'like'.


While it might seem that Fanfiction's lack of like-listing may lead to limited user interaction, a deeper look into the platform's functionality disproves this. The design promotes a population focused on content, discourages popularity contests, and respects user privacy, while still allowing for valued personal interactions, feedback, and vibrant community.


1. Does Fanfiction list the people who have liked their stories?
No, Fanfiction does not list the names of the people who have liked a story. It only shows the total number of favourites a story has received.

2. Can you send messages to authors on Fanfiction?
Yes, Fanfiction allows users to send personal messages to authors. This allows for direct and personal feedback, compliments, or constructive criticism.

3. How else can you show appreciation for a story on Fanfiction?
Apart from favouriting a story, users can also follow a story or author, and leave reviews. Following allows users to receive notifications of updates, while reviews allow users to openly express their thoughts and insights about the story or author.

4. Does Fanfiction have a 'like' system similar to Facebook or Instagram?
No, Fanfiction operates differently. Instead of likes, readers can favourite stories, follow authors or stories, and leave reviews.

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