Does allow lemons


As with any writing platform, the guidelines and restrictions of, one of the largest and oldest fanfiction repositories on the internet, are important to understand. A specific restriction which often raises questions among fan writers is that related to 'lemons'. Lemon is a fanfiction term referring to stories that include explicit adult content, primarily sexual content. The question to be addressed in this article is, therefore, does allow lemons?

Basic Introduction of

Before diving into the rules and regulations of, it's essential to understand what the website is. Established in 1998, is an online platform that allows fanfiction writers to publish their work. These stories can be about virtually any fandom you can think of, from Harry Potter and Star Wars to lesser-known works. It is a space where fan writers can share their stories and explore numerous alternate universes inspired by their favourite characters and stories.

Does allow lemons

Over the years, has grown tremendously, boasting over 2 million registered users and countless more guest readers. It also offers a lively community where writers and readers can connect, engage in conversations, share insightful reviews, and form deep connections. For an individual who enjoys fan works, is practically a treasure trove!

The 'Lemon' Jargon

Fanfiction is renowned for its unique language, and 'Lemon' is just one amongst many. Simply put, Lemons are stories that contain explicit sexual scenes, often detailed and graphic. They can be any length, from one-shot stories to multi-chaptered novels. They may be standalone stories or part of an ongoing series.

The term 'lemon' comes from a series of adult-themed anime books from the 1980s titled Cream Lemon. Since then, it has been adopted by the fanfiction community to denote erotic adult content. On the flip side, 'Lime' denotes less explicit sexual content or scenes containing sexual implications.'s Official Stance on explicit content follows a well-defined Content Guidelines that explicitly state its policies related to explicit content. According to item four of its rules on actions not allowed, "Explicit content meant clearly as pornography" is not allowed on the site. This ban encompasses both explicit sex scenes, © the F-word (used sexually), along with any explicit adult content that lacks substantive story/'plot.'

From this, it's evident that they do not allow lemons, i.e., sexually explicit stories. The argument behind this rule maintains that is designed to be a safe space for writers across all age groups. Many young or underage users frequent the site, and adult content of such nature is deemed inappropriate.

Enforcement of Policies has stringent guidelines and policies in place, but there are often questions about how they enforce these rules. A story reported violating the guidelines is evaluated by the site administrators. If the content is found to infrive the site's rules, it can lead to the removal of the story from the website. Repeated violations can even lead to the author being banned from the platform.

While it does have a system in place to implement these policies, it's not perfect. Stories sometimes slip through the cracks, especially given the sheer volume of submissions. This, however, doesn't negate the official policy. If illicit content is found, eventually, they are removed.

Compare and Contrast: vs Archive of Our Own (AO3)

When explicit content restrictions of are discussed, it's almost inevitable to bring in another popular fanfiction website, Archive of Our Own (AO3). Unlike, AO3 operates under a different philosophy, advocating for 'maximum inclusivity.' AO3 allows explicit adult content, including lemons, subject to tagging for adult content to help users make informed decisions.

This variance in policy reflects in the user demographics and the content of the two sites. While Fanfiction greatly appeals to a younger audience, AO3, with its liberal content policies, tends to have an older user base.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I post lemon stories on
As per the official content guidelines of, lemon stories or stories containing explicit sexual content are not allowed.

2. What happens if lemon content is found in my story?
If a user reports your story, and the administrators find it to be in violation of the guidelines, your story may be removed. Repeated violations may lead to a ban.

3. Are there any other platforms where I can publish lemon stories?
Other platforms like AO3 permit lemon content, provided the story is tagged with appropriate warnings.


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  2. AO3: Archive of Our Own Content Policy.

In conclusion, although lemons were once a prevalent trope in fanfiction stories, platforms like have laid out strict guidelines against explicit adult content. However, writers and readers interested in lemons can still explore other platforms such as AO3. Always remember that rules are there for the safety of all users. Understanding them keeps the platform enjoyable for everyone.

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