Does rick riordan allow fanfiction


Known for his riveting tales of demigods and quests, mythology-based fantasy author Rick Riordan, creator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, among others, has gained a substantial fan following worldwide. With such popularity, it's only natural for fans to feel inspired to create their own stories or interpretations of his work, a creative pastime known as fanfiction. So, does Rick Riordan allow fanfiction? Is he supportive of his fans flexing their creative muscles through the world he created? Let's delve into this issue from various aspects.

Fan's Freedom for Fanfiction

The creation of fanfiction is, for many, an essential way to express their appreciation for a particular piece of media. Rick Riordan has been supportive of fan creativity, viewing it as another form of appreciation for his work. His only caution is that fans must keep their fanfiction within legal boundaries, meaning they should not try to publish or profit from their fan-created stories based on his works.

Does rick riordan allow fanfiction

It should be noted that Rick Riordan has never directly endorsed fan fiction, nor has he spoken against it. Rather, he seems to have an understanding that it is a byproduct of his work's success, and as long as fans stay within the legal limits, he doesn't discourage it.

His Respect for Intellectual Property

Rick Riordan's attitude towards fanfiction may also be rooted in his respect for intellectual property rights. As a professional author, he understands how significant a writer's world and characters are. Thus, while he appreciates the passion that fans have for his work, he also expects them to respect his creation.

From interviews, quotes, and his social media posts, it's clear that Rick Riordan supports creativity and imagination while reinforcing the importance of acknowledging original content. That's why, though fanfiction exists, he underscores that it should never cross into plagiarism or profit gain.

Fanfiction Websites and Apps

Modern technology has made fanfiction creation and sharing quite easy. Websites and apps like and Wattpad are popular platforms where fans share their stories inspired by Riordan's work. While Riordan has not directly engaged with such sites, his understanding of the online fan culture means he's likely aware of such platforms and their role in promoting fan creativity.

These platforms have policies in place to prevent plagiarism and unauthorized commercial use of intellectual property, aligning with Riordan's view on fanfiction. They highlight authorship and originality, two aspects Riordan respects, which perhaps contributes to his silent acceptance of these platforms where his fans share their stories.

His Active Engagement with Fans

Rick Riordan's active communication with his fans through various social media platforms also indicates his openness to their creative contributions. He encourages fan-art, answers fan queries, and appreciates brilliant theories and interpretations—conveying his acknowledgment and acceptance of fanfiction indirectly.

By maintaining his own presence online, he has proven that he understands and accepts the online fan culture. He has even conducted online contests such as the "Demigod Madness Tournament" which invited fans to create amendments to his world, reinforcing his acceptance of fan meddling in his universe.

FAQ Section

Does Rick Riordan read fanfiction?
While it's likely that he's aware of fanfiction’s existence, there's no evidence to suggest that Rick Riordan actively seeks out and reads fanfiction based on his works.

Has Rick Riordan ever commented on fanfiction?
To the best of our knowledge, Rick Riordan has never publicly commented on fanfiction, neither endorsing nor discouraging it. However, he does encourage fan activities that fall under the legal boundaries.

Which websites do Rick Riordan's fans usually post fanfiction on?
Websites like and Wattpad are popular platforms where fans post their fanfiction based on Rick Riordan's works.


In conclusion, while Rick Riordan has never directly endorsed or condemned fanfiction, his open-mindedness and understanding of fan culture suggest that he does not oppose fan creativity within reasonable limits. He respects creativity and is appreciative of fans' dedication to his work, but like any author, he holds his intellectual property's rights in high regard and expects fans to do the same.


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