Doesn't remember my font

2024-04-16 is a fanfiction hosting website where lovers of books, movies, anime, and other genres can share their fan-created stories. It is one of the pioneer platforms that popularized the fanfiction genre, garnering millions of members worldwide. However, there have been reports by users that the site doesn't remember the font settings that they prefer, causing a minor inconvenience.

User Interface has a straightforward user interface with multiple categorizations, such as Comics, Games, and TV shows. However, even with this user-friendly design, the site stirs frustration among users due to its inability to recall preferred font settings. They need to manually reset their font preference every time they visit.

Doesn't remember my font

When compared to other fanfiction sites like Archive of Our Own or Wattpad, this lack of font memory can be a drawback. These sites provide personalized reading experiences by remembering user preferences, setting them a step ahead of

Story Uploads and Fonts

When authors upload their fanfictions on, they are given the option to select their preferred font style and size. However, this preference isn't recalled on subsequent visits, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. This lack of remembering not only affects the authors but also the readers who prefer viewing the content in a particular font.

On the other hand, sites like A03 allow you to save a template for story uploads, which they recall every time, making it convenient for authors. Thus,'s inability to remember font preference puts it at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.

Fanfiction Categories

One of the strengths of is its sheer collection of fanfictions available in almost every genre, from Anime/Manga to Western. This variety allows users to indulge in diverse fandoms. However, the lack of memory of preferred fonts doesn't cater to the diverse reading preferences of its varied user base.

Most other platforms, while having a similar categorization, make the user experience smoother by remembering their font preferences. They provide a personalized reading experience, which is currently missing in

User Experience

While offers diverse content for fanfiction lovers, the user experience could be significantly enhanced by incorporating basic amenities such as remembering font preferences. The non-remembrance of font settings may seem trivial but can become rather annoying when readers have to change settings with each visit. This feature is essentially a crucial part of enhancing the reading experience.

There is a strong demand among users for the platform to recall individual font settings, presenting an excellent opportunity for to improve its platform while enhancing user satisfaction. should look into this to keep up with the competition and sustain user compatibility with the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is
A: is a website where fan-created stories are posted and shared, covering various genres like books, movies, and anime.
Q2: Can I change the font in
A: Yes, allows its users to change the font. However, it does not remember your last font preference. You will have to change the font of every time you visit.
Q3: How does compare to sites like A03 and Wattpad?
A: While has a vast collection of fanfictions across multiple categories, it falls behind its competitors like A03 or Wattpad in remembering user font preferences.

Conclusion is undoubtedly a haven for fanfiction lovers with its diverse collections. However, to be truly user-centric and offer a personalized reading experience, the platform needs to incorporate features like remembering font settings. This could cater to the diverse needs of its users and, in turn, enhance the overall user satisfaction and experience.

Hopefully, as the platform evolves, this issue will be addressed soon, providing for a joyous user experience for the fanfic aficionados on


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