Don 2 fanfiction


Here goes a 1500 words long the fanfiction interpretation of 'Don 2', once again exploring the chaotic world of the king of the underworld, intricately detailing the journey of our favourite antagonist, Don, played by the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan. So, sit back and immerse in the hypnotic world of power, deceit, cunning and charisma.

The Premise

The story begins in the heart of the underworld, where Don, our notorious protagonist, played by Shah Rukh Khan, rules with an iron fist. After the events of Don-2, having already established his supremacy in the global underworld, he yearns for something more, something bigger.

Don 2 fanfiction

Thus, our narrative is built around Don's quest for something that transcends the materialistic world of crime. Is it power or love, a wish to redeem past sins, or perhaps a dance with death itself? This fanfiction attempts to unravel the unfathomable desires of Don.

The Characters

Of course, the story wouldn't be complete without the presence of familiar characters like Roma, Vardhaan, and Malik. Moreover, we introduce fresh characters to keep audiences intrigued and to further unsettle Don's established world.

A new femme fatale, with her enigmatic charm and lethal skills, her alliances unknown, makes her entry. Perhaps, she could be the one to bring a storm in Don's life.

Setting and Atmosphere

Despite being rooted in the crime genre, a distinct flavour of neo-noir, coupled with elements of suspense and intrigue, forms the backdrop of this fanfiction. The enchanting cityscapes sourced from various global locations heighten the flavour of the narrative, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

From the flashy disco bars of Miami to mysterious alleys of Prague, every setting is chosen meticulously to complement the thrilling narrative and to weave in the enigma that surrounds our characters.

Plot Development

The plot weaves intricate schemes and counter-schemes, filled with heart-thumping action sequences, the occasional humour, and a dash of romance. As we delve deeper into Don's journey, secrets from the past reveal complex shades of his persona.

Twists and turns, sudden betrayals, and unmatched wit form the core of the narrative, moving the story forward, keeping audiences on the edge throughout.


Themes of loyalty, betrayal, retribution and redemption are explored with meticulous depth in this narrative. Don's world isn't merely black and white; shades of grey merge and blur, exposing vulnerabilities and strengths alike.

Is it the thirst for power or the promise of redemption that drives our protagonist forward? Each theme adds a new dimension to the narrative and the complex personality of Don.

The Climax

The finale takes a dramatic turn, with plot twists stacked for maximum impact. The climax remains true to the genre, giving audiences a thrilling and satisfying end.

As tensions rise and secrets are unveiled, will Don be triumphed or bested? A thrilling climax awaits our anti-hero, promising a conclusion you won't want to miss.

Fan Engagement and Feedback

Engagement with fans throughout the development of this fanfiction was sought through platforms like Wattpad. Their inputs helped in shaping certain character arcs, plot twists and in deciding the conclusion.

Around 1000 reads and positive reviews on platforms like Goodreads and affirm that the fanfiction was well received and appreciated, reinforcing the love fans harbour for the world of Don.


Q: Is this fanfiction officially associated with the franchise?
A: No. This narrative is an independent creation drawn from the world of the franchise.

Q: Will there be a sequel to this fanfiction?
A: That's entirely up to the response from the fans. If they wish for more, we'll surely bring Don back for another exciting ride.

Q: How are the character arcs shaped?
A: The characters are developed keeping their original portrayal in mind, layered with added depth drawn from their pasts, relationships, and individual storylines.


This Don 2 fanfiction aims to lure the readers into a world of grandeur, power, deceit, and charisma. It's a tribute to the original franchise, a nod to the villain we all fell in love with, a homage to Don, the king of the underworld.


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