Don 3 fanfiction


Fanfiction can often allow the reader to explore new possibilities and provide closure where original media failed to do so. This Don 3 fanfic, a sequel to the Bollywood action film 'Don 2', follows the lead character, played by Shah Rukh Khan, and his crew as they grapple with unexpected situations in the criminal underworld. The story envisages Don preparing to orchestrate a heist of the largest diamond in the world.

The Characters

'Don 3' features mostly recurring characters from the original series. Don (Shah Rukh Khan), a suave and cunning criminal mastermind, is of course at the helm of the operations. Other important characters include Roma (Priyanka Chopra), an officer in the police who has a personal vendetta against Don from the prequel; Vardhaan (Boman Irani), an accomplice from the prequel, released from prison to assist Don in his latest venture and Ayesha (Lara Dutta), a new addition to the team.

Don 3 fanfiction

The dynamic between these characters is one of the most compelling parts of the storyline. The constant power struggle and shifting allegiances gracefully crafted carry the story forward and keep the readers engrossed.

The Plot

The plot of the 'Don 3' fanfic unfolds in gripping sequences. Don receives a tip-off regarding the world's largest diamond being displayed at a grand exhibition in Dubai. Don, ever the fearless and ambitious criminal, immediately decides to stage a grand theft.

The heist is not a straightforward one, as the diamond is heavily guarded and the security is tight. The elaborate planning, the recruitment and the eventual execution of the heist form the crux of this fanfic.

The Heist

The planning of the heist forms some of the most thrilling parts of the story. Using an online tool, 'The Art of The Heist', a simulator app that simulates robbery scenarios in high-security areas, they strategize their plan. The app gives them real-time challenges and circumstances, training them vigorously.

'The Art of The Heist' is described in detail, highlighting its strategic advantages and limitations. This inclusion not only serves as a metaphor for the crew's careful planning but also illustrates the complexities and hurdles that come with pulling off a large-scale operation.

The Climax

In the final act, the story takes a striking turn as the team executes the heist amid numerous obstacles and close calls. The climax, imbued with high tension, will leave readers at the edge of their seats with suspense.

The escape plan, the chase, and the unexpected resolution all contribute to an ending fitting of a Bollywood blockbuster. As the fanfiction concludes, readers are left to ponder the future endeavors of the indomitable Don.


1) Is 'The Art of The Heist' a real application? Not really, but it's been created for the purpose of this story and aims to emulate various features found in similar simulation apps.

2) Could there be a real-life continuation of the story? It's unclear yet. There are rumors about 'Don 3' in the offing, but nothing official yet.

3) Are Vardhaan and Ayesha legitimate characters from the Don series? Vardhaan is, but Ayesha is a newly added character in this fanfiction.


While this fanfiction does not directly quote or site any references, the characters and plot points are developed from the existing canon of the 'Don' series of films directed by Farhan Akhtar and starring Shah Rukh Khan. This story has been crafted as an extension, and tribute to, the original series.

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