Don and judy lost in space 2018 fanfiction


In the vast universe of infinity, Don and Judy, siblings boarded Venus-Jupiter-55, faced a challenge like never before. The mission, mapped out to be a routine Venus-to-Jupiter transition journey, turned out to offer more than they had signed up for. Leaving the comfort and familiarity of the mothership behind, they found themselves trapped in the unending abyss of space.

The elective detour in the initial navigational plan, driven by a sudden technomagnetic interference, jolted them off course. Their determined characters shone through as the mishap turned their assignment into a battle of survival. Showing the exemplary resilience that they are known for, they accepted the new challenge with bracing fortitude.

Don and judy lost in space 2018 fanfiction

Alien Life Encounters

Lost in space marked their first encounter with alien life forms. The details regarding extraterrestrial life they had studied back on Earth in their astrobiology classes were suddenly not just hypothetical anymore. It was no longer “if�but “when�and “how�they were to communicate with these entities.

Tapping into Judy's medical knowledge and Don’s engineering skills, they managed to communicate their peaceful intentions using makeshift gadgets and keystone sign language deciphered from their mysterious interstellar companions. Instead of fighting with the extraterrestrials, they found a way to cohabit peacefully.

Technological Challenges

Venus-Jupiter-55 malfunctioned and their on-board AI, Zephyr, presented them with its limitations. Contrary to popular culture back on Earth, which often depicted AI technology as the ‘know-it-all, fix-it-all�deity, their experience with Zephyr was anything but that. It was a stark reminder of the fallibility of technology, and the reliance on their innate human skills became a crucial key to survival.

They tackled everything from the remote operator to the hardware issues they encountered with more seriousness than ever before. They had to fix it or be doomed. It was a harsh reality but it was a reality nonetheless.

Making Do: Living off Space

Their food supplies dwindled forcing them into improvising their nutrition. Their botany expertise came into play as they attempted to harness the potential of the grow lab on the spaceship. They made an attempt to sustain themselves on the extraterrestrial Vegetation they had studied in their biology classes.

The harsh realities of their situation are real and relentless in every sense, yet they held onto a sliver of hope. They made do with the limited, learning from the features of their alien surroundings.

Potential Return

A communication guide their engineering team back on Earth used caught Don's eyes. The guide had a plan that could get them back on track with their initial main course. Judy immediately sprung into action, determined to map out a new route based on the planets orbiting space matter.

Despite the pressing obstacles, their spirits were kept high by their determination to return home. The possibility of a rescue mission still hovered as a beacon of hope.

Questions and Answers

Q: Did Don and Judy encounter any hostile alien life?

A: They encountered alien life, but not all the interactions were hostile. They learned to communicate with these life forms and cohabit peacefully.

Q: How did Don and Judy survive without food supplies on Venus-Jupiter-55?

A: Their botany knowledge came into play and they utilized the grow lab on the space ship to grow edible Vegetation.

Q: Was the return journey for Don and Judy successful?

A: The story leaves the readers at a point where Don and Judy have discovered a potential rescue mission. The outcome of their return journey remains in suspense.


This fanfiction account explores the resilience and survival instincts of Don and Judy. They are not just siblings lost in space but are shining symbols of bravery, creativity and problem-solving. This story could serve as an inspiration to anyone facing adversity, as it beautifully highlights the idea that when everything goes wrong, giving up is the last thing we do. Rather, it’s a chance to step up to the challenge and exhibit the power of human resilience.

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