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About the Story

The most enticing part about fan fiction is the freedom it offers to explore uncharted territories in our favorite narratives and characters. This Don't Breathe fanfiction, titled 'Unseen Shadows,' aims to delve deeper into the psyche of its characters and events set in a universe parallel to Alvarez's 2016 film.

'Unseen Shadows' is not just a meticulous expansion on the original thriller but a tribute to its heart-stopping premise and deeply flawed characters. It places our leads in fresh predicaments and heightens suspense, putting a fresh twist on the home invasion genre.

Don't breathe fanfiction

Revisiting Normandy Road

Our story takes us back to the infamous house on Normandy Road. Except, this time, it's not a group of wayward teens trying to rob the Blind Man, but a team of law enforcement officers attempting to bring him down. The Blind Man's world expands beyond the decrepit house as he gets entangled in a more sinister plot.

The locale is all too familiar, yet fear lurks in every corner with new secrets, making Normandy Road an independent character, rather than just a backdrop to the events.

Deepening Character Dimensions

'Unseen Shadows' portrays the Blind Man as more than just a victim or a villain—painting him with shades of gray, revealing his past while evolving his motivation and approach in the present scenario.

Rather than downplaying his disability, we explore the strength and cunning lurking in his darkness, subverting the typical ‘blind victim�trope. The belief that 'being blind makes one weak' is shattered as we delve further into his world.

Plot Twist and Suspense

The narrative takes several unexpected turns, pulling the readers closer to the edge of their seats. The Blind Man's house, once only a symbol of terror, becomes a battleground for life and death struggles.

The suspense is heightened with the introduction of new characters, each carrying their webs of deceit, mirroring the Blind Man's life. The lines blur between friends and foes. Trust is a commodity even scarcer than vision.

The Role of Tech Devices and Apps

Tech devices, like infrared goggles and monitoring drones, play a crucial role in the story, aiding the characters, especially in the blind man's house. Mobile tracking apps provide an additional layer of suspense by leading our leads into traps or getting them out of one.

TappyToon, a comic app, is used as a ploy to share important coded messages hidden within the dialogues and graphics. This cross-platform integration grapples readers with a unique storytelling approach.

Humor Amidst Darkness

The darkness of the narrative is occasionally lightened by flashes of humor. A constant undertone of dry sarcasm weaves through the narrative, giving the characters a touch of realism and adding depth to their interaction.

Comedic relief, however, does not dilute the seriousness of the narrative. It is cleverly incorporated to keep the readers�nerves from fraying, evoking laughter in bizarre situations.

An Unpredictable Closure

The story concludes in an unpredictable manner, leaving readers with a startling revelation. The line between protagonist and antagonist blurs, reshuffling interpretations of right and wrong.

Suffice to say; you will be left haunted, questioning your preconceived notions and marveling at the grand scheme that unfurls gradually through the narrative.

Final Thoughts

'Unseen Shadows' is an immersive journey full of suspense, drama, and introspection. It reimagines the Don't Breathe universe with a fresh perspective and deepens the already complex characters. If you are a fan of the original movie, this fanfiction is a must-read to discover the unseen sides of your favorite characters.


Q: Is the fanfiction set immediately after the movie's events? A: No, the fanfiction is set in a parallel universe, exploring a different set of events. However, it draws inspiration from the original movie.

Q: Does the story involve any new characters? A: Yes, there are new characters introduced that contribute significantly to the plot’s development.

Q: Does the blind man's role change in 'Unseen Shadows'? A: Yes, he evolves from a two-dimensional persona to a more complex character, with his past and motivation unraveled.


Don't Breathe (2016)- Directed by Fede Alvarez

TappyToon mobile app- A webcomic platform

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