Don't know the email or password to fanfiction account


The Internet is a tricky place filled with numerous accounts, passwords, and pieces of information, all being very important, yet equally easy to forget. One of the most common issues faced by many digital users is forgetting the email, password, or sometimes both, of their accounts. This problem is often encountered on FanFiction, a website devoted to enthusiasts who enjoy writing and sharing their passion for different fandoms. In this article, we’ll discuss several courses of action to take if you don't know the email or password to your FanFiction account.

1. Try to Recover Your Lost Information

Your first course of action should be obvious–attempt to recover the lost password or emails. FanFiction provides a user-friendly feature designed to assist in this predicament. Try going to the login page and clicking on the “forgot password�or “forgot email�links. This generally sends a recovery link to the email address on file.

Don't know the email or password to fanfiction account

However, if you cannot remember the email used for the account, you may be stuck. In this scenario, attempt to recall all possible emails you could've used to register for the account.

2. Check Your Browser

If you've attempted recovery with no success, try checking your browser's saved password or autofill feature. Most browsers have a feature to automatically remember and fill in email and password information. If enabled, your browser may have your FanFiction login credentials saved.

Bear in mind, this method is only viable if you’ve used the same browser previously to access your FanFiction account. Also, be careful of privacy concerns linked to saving your password and email on a shared or public device.

3. Contact FanFiction

If you're still unable to find your login credentials, we suggest contacting FanFiction directly for support. Reach out to them via their Help center or submit a ticket elucidating your issue. Give them as many details as possible to ensure a productive resolution.

Needless to say, they would require proof that you actually own the account in question. This may include details like other linked emails, security questions, or account history.

4. Start a New Account

If all else fails, you may need to consider starting a new account. While it might not be the ideal course of action, especially for accounts tied to numerous stories, comments, and followers, sometimes it's the best option.

Remember, you'll need a new email to use and be ready to recreate everything from the start. You might lose your past work, but it gives you a fresh start and a reason to continue producing new content.



Forgetting your FanFiction account login details might be a setback, but it's not the end of the world. Planting the seeds for a fresh start, whether it's recovering your old account via email, requesting help from FanFiction, or even creating a new account, always remember there’s always an avenue for you to continue nurturing your creativity and passion for fandoms.


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